Saturday, April 17, 2021

Slow Down Saturday - Lamentations 3:25

For today's Slow Down Saturday, I wanted to share this verse with you. I'm not always consistent with my daily Bible readings, which is really bad for me. It was like this especially when I was was sick during most of March and part of April with IBS issues. I hadn't read the Bible in a while, and I started to feel sluggish and stagnant inside, as if something was stuck. It felt like something in my spirit was wrong.

When I finally started feeling better, I got back into my daily Bible readings. When I read my Bible and started spending time in prayer again, I instantly--and I mean instantly--felt refreshed and renewed. It was a reminder that God is with me. I was reminded to seek the Lord's will and His guidance. I remembered that following His purpose for me makes me feel like I'm on the right path after wandering lost for a while.

Take a moment today to stop and read a passage in your Bible, and spend a few minutes in prayer. Be reminded that God is there and God still speaks to us.

Do you have any prayer requests? Please post them below or feel free to leave an anonymous prayer request on my Prayer Request Form below.

As for me, I would appreciate prayer for my health. I have been finding that my IBS reacts badly to things that should have been okay for me to eat, so I've had a lot of unexpected pain. It's been really hard for me to work.

How can I pray for you?



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