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Lady Wynwood #7 early release Kickstarter

I worked on my first Kickstarter and it got approved! It’s for the Special Edition Hardcover of Lady Wynwood’s Spies, volume 1: Archer and the release of Lady Wynwood’s Spies, volume 7: Spinster. I contacted my graphic designer about the Special Edition Hardcover of vol. 1: Archer—it’s going to be SO beautiful! The Kickstarter focuses on the Special Edition Hardcover, but it’ll also include vol. 7: Spinster so that it’ll sort of be like a launch day for vol. 7, too. A third special thing that’ll be in the Kickstarter is Special Edition Paperbacks of all the books in the series. They won’t be available in stores, just in the Kickstarter (and later, from my website, and also in my Patreon book box tiers if I decide to do them). The Kickstarter is not live yet, but you can follow it to be alerted when it has launched. (You may need to create a free Kickstarter account.) Follow Camy’s Kickstarter

“All I’ve Ever Wanted” by Margaret Becker

I was writing to music and this song came up on my song mix. I have always loved it but I haven’t heard it in a while, and the lyrics impacted me strongly when I was listening to it again. This has been my prayer, that I would be so in love with Jesus that I want to give all of myself to Him. This is my prayer for you, too. “All I’ve Ever Wanted” by Margaret Becker From where I lay I can see the sun Rising through the trees Before I face this morning rush I get down on my knees I lift my eyes and thank You for This life you've granted me I pray that every day I live Your heart will be pleased I pray for hands that hold You Higher than anything else And a heart that loves You More than life itself This is all I've ever wanted This is all I want to be All I've ever wanted Is to love You faithfully From where I stand I can see the dreams That you have fulfilled Such kindness I did not deserve But You gave it still What do I have that You did not give

Nook Cyber Monday special

In case anyone was interested!

Nook Black Friday!

I just got this info about this sale that will go on at the Barnes and Noble Black Friday sale! If you're thinking about getting a Nook, this is a fantastic deal! Last year they only gave you a free charger. :) And for Cyber Monday: NOOK® Cyber Monday Deal – Get Free $20BN Gift Card when you buy a select NOOK®! Online only, hurry while supplies last!

Interview at Diana Brandmeyer’s blog

I’m over at Diana’s blog today with a guest blog post about the televised singing competition in A Dangerous Stage ! Click here for the guest blog post!

Rating books

I’m over at the ChristiansRead blog today talking about rating books. How do you rate books? You can click over to see how I do it. Then weigh in !

Review: The Tempestuous Petticoat

The Tempestuous Petticoat by Mary Ann Gibbs My rating: 5 of 5 stars I absolutely loved this book. I've liked most of Mary Ann Gibbs' historical novels, and this was no exception. The setting is interesting--Georgian England, set in the year 1794 at the tail end of the Terror. The heroine is strong, mature, independent without being pig-headed. I find I like these types of calm, controlled, strong women. The hero is masculine and an alpha-male without being overbearing, the perfect foil for her. The conflict between the heroine and her family was interesting and made me root for her even more. The last few chapters of the book are also amusing and romantic and I absolutely loved it. I can't say enough good things about this story. It just really resonated with me. View all my reviews

Review: Dunraven's Folly

Dunraven's Folly by Dawn Lindsey My rating: 5 of 5 stars Plot moved really well, good writing and characterization. A very enjoyable, entertaining, engaging book. View all my reviews

Review: The American Cousin

The American Cousin by Dawn Lindsey My rating: 5 of 5 stars Likeable characters, good plot. Some redundancy in writing, dialogue a little long-winded at parts, but overall, the books is entertaining and engaging. Darker issue of war horrors, good read. View all my reviews

Review: Once Touched, Never Forgotten

Once Touched, Never Forgotten by Natasha Tate My rating: 5 of 5 stars Really liked this book. Heroine is strong and mature, hero is alpha male but there are things he thinks and says that give him vulnerability without making him weak. There were a couple moments in the dialogue that were a little illogical but most of the time the conversation was refreshing, heated, and insightful. Sex scenes are very hot and on the more graphic end of most Presents I've read (just FYI in case that bothers you). Overall, highly enjoyable story. View all my reviews

New low prices on Nook Color and Tablet

In case you were looking for Christmas gift ideas ... I got my dad a Nook Color earlier this year for his birthday, and he loves it. He can check his email, play his video poker games (he downloaded a Nook app) and buy and read his science fiction ebooks. Dad used to read tons of science fiction--his favorite author is Alan Dean Foster. Mom said he hadn't been reading much before he got the Nook Color and now he's reading as much as he used to when he was younger. He said he's been pretty happy to get to download Alan Dean Foster's backlist books that he hadn't read yet. I got him the Nook Color because I guessed it would be easy to use even for my 70-something year old father, and it definitely is. Exciting new update from NOOK® at Barnes & Noble. Check out our lowest-ever pricing on our award-winning NOOK Tablet and NOOK Color devices in time for the holidays. NOOK Tablet, originally $179 is now available for only $159. NOOK Color, originally $149 is

Review: The Talisman

The Talisman by Dawn Lindsey My rating: 3 of 5 stars The story premise was great, and the conflict between the heroine and her family was terrific. However something about the dialogue between the hero and heroine in certain scenes didn't quite grab me--it was a little repetitive and lacked conflict and tension. Overall, an entertaining book. View all my reviews

Protection for Hire and Sushi series ebooks only $6.99 each!

Okay, so I’m not the most observant person, but I also don’t often go on Amazon to look at my books. I admit that I had a freakish addiction curiosity when I was first published, but then I got busy writing more books and now I only check Amazon occasionally rather than once an hour. So I didn’t notice until yesterday that the ebook versions of Protection for Hire and all my Sushi series books from Zondervan are now only $6.99! And not just on Kindle, but on Nook, iTunes, and Kobo, too! The last time I had looked, they were all still $9.99 or so. ( A Dangerous Stage is $8.99, which is still cheaper than the print copy price, $9.99. ) So if you didn’t have a copy of my Zondervan backlist and want one, $7 isn’t a bad price to pay for each of them, right? Protection for Hire Nookbook Kindle iTunes BOOKSAMILLION.COM Sushi for One? Nookbook Kindle iTunes Only Uni Nookbook Kindle iTunes Christianbo


I’m over at the ChristiansRead blog today talking about NaNoWriMo and what I’m working on! Are you interested in writing a novel? Are you participating in NaNoWriMo? Weigh in !