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Lady Wynwood #7 early release Kickstarter

I worked on my first Kickstarter and it got approved! It’s for the Special Edition Hardcover of Lady Wynwood’s Spies, volume 1: Archer and the release of Lady Wynwood’s Spies, volume 7: Spinster. I contacted my graphic designer about the Special Edition Hardcover of vol. 1: Archer—it’s going to be SO beautiful! The Kickstarter focuses on the Special Edition Hardcover, but it’ll also include vol. 7: Spinster so that it’ll sort of be like a launch day for vol. 7, too. A third special thing that’ll be in the Kickstarter is Special Edition Paperbacks of all the books in the series. They won’t be available in stores, just in the Kickstarter (and later, from my website, and also in my Patreon book box tiers if I decide to do them). The Kickstarter is not live yet, but you can follow it to be alerted when it has launched. (You may need to create a free Kickstarter account.) Follow Camy’s Kickstarter

Need title ideas AGAIN

Captain’s Log, Stardate 08.24.2011 Yup, I need your help AGAIN. This time, for a different book. I’m writing a cozy mystery in a series about an antique quilt restorer, Sarah. The series is called the Patchwork Mysteries series. Here’s the basic overview of the book I need a title for: Story idea: Sarah and Maggie travel to Boston to attend a special antique show. But when quilt after quilt goes for much higher than Sarah would have appraised them for, she begins to think something hinky is going on with the auction. Discovery: Sarah to goes to Boston for a special antique show with her daughter-in-law. There will be all sorts of antiques, including quilts. Sarah enjoys the quilt auction, and even considers bidding on a couple pieces. But Sarah notices that the quilts are going for up to five times their true value. Something is going on and she’s determined to find out what. Sarah spends the next five days interviewing participants in the auction. Any ideas?

Excerpt - Buried Truth by Dana Mentink

Buried Truth by Dana Mentink "Coming for you." A note, impaled by a knife on Bill Cloudman's door, tells the former tribal agent a murderer has escaped. The vicious madman who murdered Bill's partner—and cost Bill the community's trust and his job—is on the loose in the South Dakota badlands again. Bill vows to put him behind bars once and for all. But when the woman he loved and lost returns to Eagle Rock reservation as a newspaper reporter determined to restore her own reputation with the story, Bill has to protect her…and his guarded heart. Excerpt of chapter one: The heat shimmered up from the asphalt as Bill Cloudman drove the pickup, Tank barking enthusiastically in the back. It had taken eight months away from Rockvale for him to realize he'd actually missed the ferocious heat. After two days back home, he felt as if he'd never left. This small town, snuggled up next to the Eagle Rock reservation, was undeniably a part of him, as much as h

Excerpt - Fallen Angel by Major Jeff Struecker and Alton Gansky

Camy here: Thanks to B&H for sending me an ARC of this book! Fallen Angel by Major Jeff Struecker and Alton Gansky Major Jeff Struecker (a real life Black Hawk Down veteran) and his award-winning coauthor tell a space-based intelligence story of intense extremes in their new novel,  Fallen Angel , named for the "Angel-12" American satellite that is ambushed by China and falls 22,000 miles to land in remote Siberia. U.S. Sgt. Major Eric Moyer and his Special Ops unit are deployed to find Angel-12 and keep its advanced nuclear fuel from enemy hands-and there are many. A Russian shadow government bent on restoring the former USSR pursues the satellite as does the Chinese special forces group that knocked it from the sky. A rash of military and domestic hostage concerns ensues as the stark truth looms: three nations are racing to the satellite, but only one will get there first. Excerpt of chapter one: Print book: Barnes and Noble Amazon Bo

Excerpt - On Deadly Ground by Lauren Nichols

On Deadly Ground by Lauren Nichols Danger in the darkness The prowler on the construction site of her new camp didn't frighten Rachel Patterson…at first. Fear comes when her home is torched—and worsens when a body is unearthed on the campgrounds. Someone's trying to cover up a murder, and if Rachel can identify the intruder, she might be the only witness. Her neighbor, Wildlife Conservation Officer Jake Campbell, is determined to keep the lovely widow safe. But when a misunderstanding separates the pair, their distance risks more than the growing feelings between them. It leaves Rachel alone and unguarded, which could be just the chance the killer needs… Excerpt of chapter one: Sighing, Rachel Patterson squinted at the clock on her nightstand, saw that it was only 2:00 a.m., then groaned, flipped over and burrowed groggily into her pillow again. Outside, the coyotes were up to their old tricks, howling and yipping at the moon, even though there was barely a moon to yi

Street Team Book List excerpt - RANSOME'S QUEST by Kaye Dacus

Camy here: Here's another book I added to my Street Team book giveaway list! You can win this book by joining my Street Team-- Click here for more info! Today's Wild Card author is: Kaye Dacus and the book: Ransome's Quest (The Ransome Trilogy) Harvest House Publishers (August 1, 2011) ***Special thanks to Karri | Marketing Assistant | Harvest House Publishers for sending me a review copy.*** ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Kaye Dacus, author of Ransome’s Honor has a BA in English, with a minor in history, and an MA in writing popular fiction. Her love of the Regency era started with Jane Austen. Her passion for literature and for history come together to shape her creative, well-researched, and engaging writing. Visit the author's website . SHORT BOOK DESCRIPTION: This engaging end to the Ransome Trilogy is a fast-paced tale of love, faith, and danger on the Caribbean Sea in the early 1800s. Captain William Ransome frantically searches for his

Excerpt - The Baby's Bodyguard by Stephanie Newton

The Baby's Bodyguard by Stephanie Newton A shocking discovery When an anonymous text message arrives with photos of tiny hands and feet—and GPS coordinates—Florida cop Ethan Clark believes it's a prank. Then he follows the coordinates to an abandoned toddler. Handing Janie Doe over to caring child services worker Kelsey Rogers, Ethan thinks his job is done…until the little girl turns out to be a kidnap victim. To protect the child, Ethan and Kelsey stumble into an investigation that digs up a tragedy from Ethan's past. Will they uncover the truth before the kidnappers bury the trail forever? Excerpt of chapter one: Ethan Clark had always preferred the gentle slap of water on a fishing boat to the raucous houseful of boys that he'd grown up in. He still had that old wooden fishing boat he'd inherited from his grandpa, but these days his ride was a dual-outboard powerboat fitted with blue lights. Policing Florida's waterways kept Ethan Clark out of his

Galleys - and not the cooking kind

I'm over at Seekerville today talking about galley proofs! Camy here! As I write this, I have just finished going through the galley proofs for my November humorous romantic suspense novel,  Protection for Hire . But as soon as I finished it, I started on my galley proofs for my January 2012 Love Inspired Suspense novel,  Stalker in the Shadows , which are due in less than a week. So what are galley proofs? Click here to read the rest of the post and join the conversation!

Excerpt - Agent Undercover by Lynette Eason

Agent Undercover by Lynette Eason What does little Alex know? The traumatized six-year-old boy hasn't said one word since the unsolved murder of his single mother. And now, the killer is after the child—and the devoted uncle raising him, Dr. Dylan Seabrook. Working undercover in the boy's school, DEA agent Paige Ashworth is determined to find the murderer. But she can't tell Dylan her real identity, what she knows—or just how close to the case she really is. Dylan's strength and fierce love for his nephew soon have Paige longing to join their family. First, though, they must catch a killer who never wants little Alex to speak again. Excerpt of chapter one: Undercover Drug Enforcement Agent Paige Ashworth, known as Paige Worth in the little town of Rose Mountain, North Carolina, realized she had only seconds to act or the child would be dead. Shoving her right foot down on the bicycle pedal, she ignored her pounding heart and the desperate fear that said she di