Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Need title ideas AGAIN

Captain’s Log, Stardate 08.24.2011

Yup, I need your help AGAIN. This time, for a different book.

I’m writing a cozy mystery in a series about an antique quilt restorer, Sarah. The series is called the Patchwork Mysteries series. Here’s the basic overview of the book I need a title for:

Story idea: Sarah and Maggie travel to Boston to attend a special antique show. But when quilt after quilt goes for much higher than Sarah would have appraised them for, she begins to think something hinky is going on with the auction.

Discovery: Sarah to goes to Boston for a special antique show with her daughter-in-law. There will be all sorts of antiques, including quilts. Sarah enjoys the quilt auction, and even considers bidding on a couple pieces. But Sarah notices that the quilts are going for up to five times their true value. Something is going on and she’s determined to find out what. Sarah spends the next five days interviewing participants in the auction.

Any ideas?


  1. Needling, Precious Stitches, Pinning Layers, Cross-point, Back Stitch, Squaring Off

    I know I'm sort of shooting in the dark, but I love brainstorming so maybe one of these will spark an idea for you?

  2. Up for Bid
    The Price of Truth
    Auction Appraisal
    Bid Numbers
    Who's the Highest Bidder
    Going, Going, Gone
    Last Call

  3. You guys ROCK! Keep the ideas coming! I'll send them all to my editor.

  4. There's a quilt block called Boston Puzzle...

  5. Another one is called Yankee Puzzle...
    I was looking for something a bit more suspenseful, but haven't found one yet.

  6. A Patch of Trouble
    Patchwork Problems
    A Fatal Bid

  7. Black Market Quilt Pricing?
    Hoodwinked Quilt Pricing
    Quilt Pricing Hoax

  8. Patch-22
    A Bad Patch
    A Price Sew High
    Boston Baked Bids

    ... I don't know. I got nothin'. But you have some really great ideas so far. :)

  9. how can everyone come up with so many ideas! To quote the great philosopher Darius Rucker...I got nuthin'! Glad you've got such helpful friends!

  10. I like Cindy W.'s idea: A Quilt Cover-up. I guess I'm a little confused about the story. "True value" doesn't really exist. And it seems totally possible that the quilter underestimate what sort of prices she could get at auction. Guess I'd have to read the story.

  11. The main topic here is a Mystery Book about a Mysterious Auction .. not the Guilts. hence

    "The Mysterious Auction"

    It's not exciting enough, but describe the book in a title.

  12. The Quilting Ring
    The Quilting Caper
    The Trouble With Quilts

  13. The Quilt Conspiracy
    Conspiracy At An Auction
    The Auction Conspiracy