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Psalm 103:2-3

Psalm 103:2-3 Dear Lord, Thank you, Lord, for all you’ve done for me. Don’t let me forget that you are always blessing me whether I notice it or not. Thank you for forgiving my sins, and thank you for healing me. I trust you and love you, Lord. Amen 詩篇103:2-3 親愛なる主よ、 主よ、あなたが私のためにしてくださったすべてのことに感謝します。私が気づこうが気づくまいが、あなたはいつも私を祝福してくださっていることを、私に忘れさせないでください。私の罪を赦し、癒してくださってありがとうございます。主よ、あなたを信じ、あなたを愛します。 アーメン

My trip to England - Lord Byron’s estate

One of my favorite places on my trip was wandering the grounds of Lord Byron’s estate, Newstead Abbey. It was amazing! The grounds are very extensive but also there’s a real sense of peace there. I would love to live on the grounds and wander around with my laptop to write in various places of the estate. I’m so glad my friend, author Liz Babbs , took me here. The grounds aren’t as extensive as Chatsworth, but Newstead Abbey had by far my favorite grounds and gardens on my trip. I couldn’t go inside the abbey because the house wasn’t open on the day I visited--it’s only open one day a week to visitors. I’d love to go back to England to go inside the abbey, too, and also revisit the grounds. There’s a little information about Newstead Abbey here on wikipedia and here’s the official website of Newstead Abbey , which is owned by the city of Nottingham. If I ever become a famous New York Times bestselling author, I am totally buying a flat or condo on the Newstead Abbey grounds!

Formula for Danger giveaway!

I’m over at the Love Inspired Authors blog with a giveaway! Head on over to enter !

Goodreads: What are you reading this week?

Weigh in on the discussion here in my Goodreads group !

Recurring characters

I’m over at today talking about a recurring character in my books and recurring characters in general. Be sure to hop over to weigh in!

Weddings and Wasabi ebook now only 99 cents!

The ebook version of Weddings and Wasabi , the 4th book in my Sushi series, is now only 99 cents! Woohoo! After finally graduating with a culinary degree, Jennifer Lim is pressured by her family to work at her control-freak aunty’s restaurant. But after a family dispute, Jenn is determined to no longer be a doormat and instead starts her own catering company. Her search for a wine merchant brings John into her life—a tall, dark, handsome biker in form-fitting black leather, who’s Hispanic to boot. It would be wonderfully wild to snag a man like that! Shy engineer Edward tentatively tries out his birthday present from his winery-owner uncle—a Harley-Davidson complete with the trimmings. Jennifer seems attracted to the rough, aggressive image, but it isn’t his real self. Is she latching onto him just to spite her horrified family? And if this spark between them is real, will showing her the true guy underneath put it out? And what’s with the goat in the backyard? Excerpt! E-

Social Media

I’m on the Girls, God, and the Good Life blog today chatting about how I use social media versus how my high school kids at church use social media. Be sure to visit the blog post and weigh in!

New Facebook contest!

Disclaimer: This is a marketing experiment. :) I have a bunch of Christian books to give away, so I thought I’d try out this fun contest for everyone who has “liked” my Facebook author page. If you haven’t yet, what are you waiting for? :) . From Oct 12 - Oct 19, you get an entry into the contest for every time you like and comment on one of the posts on my Author page wall. This includes the blog posts from my blog, ChristiansRead, Love Inspired Authors, and Girls, God, and the Good Life blog. The posts from my page may not show up in your newsfeed, so you might have to visit my page directly to see them. Another option is to create a Facebook “List” so you can see Page updates. Here are two links with instructions for how to do that:

New low price on Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight

I saw this promo today and thought I'd pass it on. Good Christmas presents for the readers in your life! At least, er, I'd want one of these if I was a reader in your life. :) We are excited to announce that the NOOK Simple Touch with Glowlight dropped its price from $139, to an incredibly low price of just $119! NOOK Simple Touch with Glowlight provides unbeatable value, with an ad-free reading experience!  NOOK Simple Touch with Glowlight Was $139, Now $119! World's #1 Reader now with breakthrough GlowLight™ No Ads. Power adapter included. Only Reader designed for perfect bedtime reading Breakthrough technology creates a soft glow optimized for low light reading Warm light illuminates entire screen evenly GlowLight turns on instantly and adjusts easily with a touch Revolutionary built-in anti-glare screen protector delivers just-like-paper experience – great in bright sun Exclusive Best-Text™ & adjustable fonts make words crisp & clear Lightest NO

Pictures of Sudbury Hall from my England trip

I visited the manor house where the interior was used for the Colin Firth version of Pride and Prejudice ! The pictures are on Facebook, but you don’t have to have a Facebook account to view them: Sudbury Hall, Derbyshire, United Kingdom

Mohair cowl

I finished this cowl made with a mohair/acrylic yarn in a cable design. The yarn is Patons Divine and the cable design is from You can see the project details on Ravelry (you don't have to belong to Ravelry to see this project page): Hopefully this will keep me warm when winter comes, although it's been so hot lately that I felt rather stupid to be knitting mohair when it's 80 degrees outside. :P Any yarn projects you've been working on?