Monday, October 29, 2012

My trip to England - Lord Byron’s estate

One of my favorite places on my trip was wandering the grounds of Lord Byron’s estate, Newstead Abbey. It was amazing! The grounds are very extensive but also there’s a real sense of peace there. I would love to live on the grounds and wander around with my laptop to write in various places of the estate. I’m so glad my friend, author Liz Babbs, took me here.

The grounds aren’t as extensive as Chatsworth, but Newstead Abbey had by far my favorite grounds and gardens on my trip.

I couldn’t go inside the abbey because the house wasn’t open on the day I visited--it’s only open one day a week to visitors. I’d love to go back to England to go inside the abbey, too, and also revisit the grounds. There’s a little information about Newstead Abbey here on wikipedia and here’s the official website of Newstead Abbey, which is owned by the city of Nottingham.

If I ever become a famous New York Times bestselling author, I am totally buying a flat or condo on the Newstead Abbey grounds!

I posted pictures with comments on Facebook, which you should be able to see even if you don’t have a Facebook account.

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