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The Spinster's Christmas illustrated edition

The Spinster's Christmas illustrated edition available for preorder in ebook and print This prequel book to my Lady Wynwood's Spies series will release on December 1st with an illustrated cover and more than twenty manga-style illustrations inside. You can check out this website page to see a few of the interior illustrations. It's now available at a sale pre-order price of $1.99 for the ebook ( Kindle , iBooks , Kobo ) and $6.30 (which is the minimum author's cost) for the print book ( Amazon ).  But hurry because the sale prices only last until January 1st, 2020! The book is also still available with the original cover and no interior illustrations in ebook ( Kindle , iBooks , Kobo ) and print ( Amazon ). Some of you may have also noticed that the series title changed to Lady Wynwood's Spies. Click here to read about why the series changed.

The Lady Wynwood series is changing its name

Hey everybody! It’s been a while since I’ve been online, but I promise I had good excuses! I’ve had a few bad bouts of writer’s block over the past couple years (I blogged about how I coped with it on my Story Sensei blog ), and I also was unsure about how I wanted to structure my Lady Wynwood series. When writing The Spinster’s Christmas , a lot of plot and character twists came up that I hadn’t expected when plotting the book. I was writing the book for the Mistletoe Kisses anthology, so I didn’t have much leeway in changing how that book turned out, but when it came to writing the next book in the series, I was undecided about how I wanted it to go. I could continue in the same vein as The Spinster’s Christmas and write historical romantic suspense novels only loosely related to each other, or I could go with the new overarching series idea burning in my head that would take the series in a slightly different direction. I discussed it with my husband, Captain Caffeine. My new