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Save the Date - Camy's Patreon Launch

My Patreon will launch in 1 week! I took all the results of the poll and I have hopefully created fun and appealing tiers. About my Patreon: I'm trying something new for the next 6-7 months. If it works, I'll continue, but if I end up not liking it, I'll stop it in September or October. I will be starting a monthly subscription membership on a new Patreon account. I will be posting the chapters of my current book ( Lady Wynwood’s Spies, volume 7 ) so you can read ahead of when the ebook will be edited and published. My current plan is to post 1-2 chapters weekly. One reason I’m switching things up is that I want to get closer to my readers and build a tighter, more intimate community with you. You can comment on each chapter of my book, give a reaction, ask a question, or even correct mistakes. My books will become a dialogue with you. If you subscribe to my Patreon, you'll be charged monthly and have access to all the benefits for the tier you subscribe to. The

The Hobbit

Source: via Camy on Pinterest Did anyone see it yet? I totally want to see it, but probably not in the theater because I have too small of a bladder. :( But I did get the audiobook read by Rob Inglis from! I got the Lord of the Rings trilogy, too! Has anyone listened to the audiobooks?

Almaden Lake park from A DANGEROUS STAGE

Source: via Camy on Pinterest This is a nice picture of Almaden Lake park, which is where Tessa goes to in a scene in A Dangerous Stage . The houses in the distance are also the ones mentioned in the scene! Don't forget to pick up book 2 in the Protection for Hire series, A Dangerous Stage ! On sale now!


Can you tell I'm having a lot of fun with Pinterest these days? It's so awesome!!! Make sure you follow me: Also don't forget about my contest for the month of December!

Venus's Marchesa gown from Single Sashimi

Dave Hogan/Getty Images The red Marchesa gown that Anne Hathaway is wearing was the inspiration for Venus's gown in Single Sashimi. I saw this picture in InStyle magazine and fell in love with the drapey Grecian style of the gown. Marchesa is also known for lovely bling on their gowns so I added some for Venus's gown. Single Sashimi is now less than $7 on ebook! Click here for links to buy the ebook at all major online stores.

Droolworthy shoes from Protection for Hire

Source: via Camy on Pinterest In chapter one of Protection for Hire , Elizabeth St. Amant is wearing some droolworthy gold shoes. I imagined them looking a bit like this. Don't forget to pick up book 2 in the Protection for Hire series, A Dangerous Stage ! On sale now!

Tessa Lancaster from Protection for Hire

Source: via Camy on Pinterest When I wrote Tessa Lancaster in Protection for Hire, I envisioned her looking like Jessica Alba, especially for her fight scenes since I had watched the TV series Dark Angel. :) Don't forget to pick up book 2 in the Protection for Hire series, A Dangerous Stage ! On sale now!

New contest!

I haven’t had a contest since October! Here’s new one just in time for Christmas. I’m picking 3 winners to each be able to choose 10 books from my Christian book list! And yes, that list includes my books! 1) You get one entry into the contest when you sign up for my email newsletter at . If you already belong to my email newsletter, let me know! 2) You get a second entry into the contest if you Like my Facebook page: . If you already Like my Facebook page, let me know! 3) You get a third entry into the contest if you join my Goodreads group: . If you already belong to my Goodreads group, let me know! 4) You get a fourth entry into the contest if you follow me on Twitter: . If you already follow me on Twitter, let me know! 5) You get extra entries into the contest if you get someone else to join my email newsletter. Just email camy {at] c


How cool is this?! USA Today’s romance blog, Happily Ever After, gave a fantastic review of my latest Protection for Hire book, A Dangerous Stage ! Click here to check out the review ! And please be sure to comment and let the reviewer, Serena Chase, know that she rocks!!!!

Guest blog and giveaway by Liz Johnson, author of A PROMISE TO PROTECT

Finding a Villain by Liz Johnson I heard someone say recently that it’s easier to write a villain than it is to write a hero. I think I’d have to agree. Villains have a consistent motive—their actions are always reflective of their goal. What is it that they want? What are they after? And to what lengths are they willing to go to achieve that? Once those things are nailed down, a villain can begin to take shape. Heroes and heroines aren’t always quite so black and white, their motives not always as clear, their actions ruled sometimes by more than just what they want. At least that’s been my experience.   So when I sat down to write my newest book for Love Inspired Suspense, A Promise to Protect , I figured identifying the villain of the story would be the easiest part of writing it. Boy was I wrong.   So join me on a behind-the-scenes look at how I came up with the real villain of this book.   My hero, Matt Waterstone, a United States Navy SEAL, was always part of this story