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Learning Japanese - having more fun

おはようございます! I’ve been offline lately because I’ve been: A) working on my book B) being stuck on my book C) praying a lot about my book D) switching to a new book to write to try to jumpstart my creativity again E) (re)learning Japanese in my spare time The Japanese part has been inconsistent because, well, it can be boring. But I found a way to make it more fun! My listening comprehension for my Japanese is not very good, so I watched Japanese anime with English subtitles. Crunchyroll has a ton you can watch with only their free membership. Lately, to take my listening practice to the next level, I started helping out with a coffee hour gathering put on by the Japanese language congregation at my church once a month. Okay, so Japanese ladies from Japan speak REALLY REALLY FAST! But it’s good practice to learn the actual speed people talk. I don’t understand most of what they say yet … Also, my vocabulary isn’t very large so many times I won’t understand because I don’t know