Friday, January 19, 2007

Toilet seat cover

Captain’s Log, Supplemental

Update August 2008: I wrote up the pattern for this with "improvements"! Here's the link to my No Cold Bums toilet seat cover!

Okay, remember a few days ago I was complaining about the cold toilet seat in my bathroom? Well, I decided to knit a seat cover. Not a lid cover, but a seat cover.

I went online and couldn’t find anything for the seat, just one pattern for the lid by

However, I took her pattern for the inside edge of the lid cover and modified it to make a seat cover. Here it is!

It’s really ugly stitch-wise because originally I made it too small and had to extend it a couple inches on each side. I figured I’d be the one staring at it, so who cared if the extension wasn’t perfectly invisible?

I used acrylic yarn since, well, that’s what I had, and also because it’s easy to wash. I’ll probably have to wash this cover every week or so, but it’s easy to take off—I made ties which you can see near the back of the seat.

And trust me, I’m a biologist—a good dunking in detergent and water, and any bacteria is toast.

No more cold toilet seat! What do you think?

Update: Actually, it looks even uglier now because I added ties to the front of the cover since it was slipping, and the ties distort the shape a bit. But no more cold bum!


  1. Camy, you crack me up! That's awesome. You should patent an electric toilet seat heater, like electric blankets for your bed. I bet a lot of people would buy them!


  2. This is very cute!

  3. I never would've thought of that. When you posted about the cold toilet seat I was thinking...there's no way to really warm up a toilet seat, is there?...but you did it!

  4. Okay, Miss Biologist, I'll trust you on the bacteria-as-toast thing. :-D You did a great job on that cover, though. I'm impressed. I want to learn to crochet and knit. My mom and Nana did.

  5. Heehee...cute seat cover and great idea.
    Camy, I was talking to my ex about this the other night and he said "Use your blow dryer on the seat before you sit down." I thought that was very clever.


  6. Cute! LOL...I just said a few weeks ago that we needed to get a cover. I didn't know that such a thing existed or could be made!

  7. Okay, I gotta ask, what does the hubby think about that? LOL!

    In my house this would never work, my boys forget to lift the seat, and lets not forget to mention the lack of memory on Dh's part when he's home. I'll take a cold seat over a wet seat any day!

  8. Yep, that seat cover would be rather gross with a couple of little boys!

  9. And ya know ... a warm bum is a happy bum! Now yer wee bum truly is lord of its throne.

    ; )

  10. The cushioned seats aren't as cold as the regular ones and a bit more umm ah easier to clean. :)

  11. Oh Camy I love it!!! I wish I had thought of it. Although with a man and two young children, I would need to knit 7 of them. Bleck.

    But the thought of no freezing bum...that is appealing.

  12. You kill me, Camy!

    I just had this brilliant idea to write an Amazon Short called "Blogophobia." I started surfing the Internet, looking for the most bizarre things people blog about. I Googled "coffee" and ended up at your toilet seat cover post (dont' ask me how). I should have checked here first!

    Hope to see you again at Mt. Hermon this year, blogging buddy.

    Laura Christianson

  13. ROTFL!!! And you didn't show this to me while I was there? LOL! How cute. And you say suspense writers are weird? ;-)

  14. I love Absoulutly love this idea!
    From one frozen seat.

  15. I love it!!!!!!! Seriously, you could sell them as a side business.! I have a thing about toilet seats, especially in public. You've really touched a nerve with me today.

  16. Camy, only you.


  17. Now. I've seen everything. :)

  18. Hahahaha, that really cracks me up. That is sheer dedication to the art of keeping your butt warm ;)

  19. Frustrated inventor says ...

    I just had a similar idea yesterday Feb 17 2007, different design, was looking to see if this product was on the market. Are you planning on marketing this ?

  20. ROFLOLOL! I FINALLY GET IT! This cover is so cute. I want one for Christmas. LOLOL! Or better yet...I think you should knit one to give away at the ACFW conference! I'm really serious. That would be absolutely hilarious.