Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Need title ideas!

Captain's Log, Stardate 08.17.2011

My editor has asked for title ideas for the second book in my Protection for Hire series, so I’m polling you guys for ideas!

Here’s the short blurb:

A Christian ex-yakuza bodyguard must work with the Louisiana lawyer who helped sentence her to jail to protect a contestant from a nationally televised singing competition who has information that the show is rigged.

Here’s a longer blurb:

Tessa Lancaster, niece of the San Francisco Japanese mafia boss, became a born-again Christian while in prison for a murder she didn’t commit, and now that she’s released, she wants to use her unique skills to help people as a bodyguard while keeping her distance from her yakuza connections. So far, she has refused help from her yakuza boss uncle because she wants to be legit.

She takes a job as bodyguard to a contestant on an American Idol-like singing competition and his thirteen year old daughter, who has discovered evidence that one of the producers is involved in gambling and possibly rigging the show.

Tessa reluctantly asks for help from Charles Britton, a lawyer who, unknown to Tessa, is being paid by her yakuza boss uncle on her behalf. Tessa also has the feeling she’s being watched and she receives an email supposedly from her father, who had mysteriously abandoned her family when she was ten.

Family mayhem and dark secrets will come out as Tessa learns about the power of prayer in her new life in Christ.

Camy here: Ideally, I’d like the new title to have the same “X for Y” pattern as Protection for Hire.

Any ideas?


  1. What about Security for Secrets? -Cheryl

  2. That's a good one! It's going on my list.

  3. How about 'Prayers for Protection' or 'Praying for Protection'? This book sounds very interesting. :)

    Christian Bookshelf Reviews

  4. Discovery for Defense? (Trying to tie the "discovery" of the cheating and the discovery of Tessa's past to the lawyer.)

  5. Rigged for Danger (eh), that's all my brain will come up with this late at night after writing a chapter. LOL

  6. Prayer for Protection
    Prayer for Power
    Secrets for Prayer
    Mayhem for Prayer

    Just a few more ideas.

  7. You guys are awesome! Thanks! I'll send all the ideas to my editor. Keep them coming!

  8. Protection for a Song
    Security for a Song
    Secrets for a Song
    Rigged for Hire
    Hope for Hire
    Danger for a Song
    Defense for a Song
    Defense for the Blues

    I got that same tune in my head, evidently. Ha.

  9. How about Protection for Evidence

    Cindy W.

  10. Songs for Sale
    Stardom for Sale

    And just for fun:

    Sing-Sing for Supper