Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Sourdough bread!

I actually don't intend to post everyday on my blog (although who knows? Maybe I'll find I enjoy doing that), but I wanted to post this photo since I'm so stinkin' proud of myself! I made "real" sourdough bread with that lovely oven spring and everything! And the crust is super crispy and it even opened up where I scored it!

I started doing sourdough baking thanks to my friend and fellow author, Deborah Vogts who has a blog with lots of mouthwatering recipes. I used her Sourdough Baguettes recipe and it came out fabulous! From there I've been hooked on sourdough and I've been reading up on it more to make really good bread. I finally managed it!

It was so delicious! I think this is the best bread I've made yet!


  1. Hi Camy! The bread looks fabulous! Seriously!! I love making sourdough and make at least 2 loaves a week. Sometimes I give it away and sometimes it goes in the freezer. I'm so glad you are enjoying this experience! Be sure to check out my other sourdough recipes--I've recently been making small bread bowls out of the recipe you did--again, which I love! Oh my, oh my! LOL

    1. Thank YOU for the sourdough recipe! I've been LOVING making sourdough bread! It's just me and hubby but I've been making bread at least once a week! Because the bread turned out so well, now I'm planning to make a vegan chowder to eat with it!

  2. I love sourdough bread!!