Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Camy’s Running Cam-y-ra

I’ve had a lot of guest blogs and giveaways lately and I haven’t been blogging anything personal, so I thought I’d devote some time today just to say hi to everyone.

I don’t remember if I mentioned this already, but I’m training to run the Honolulu Marathon in December. I already registered so there’s no going back! This past Saturday I ran 10 miles! Woot! Pretty good for an old lady!

I’ve also started posting on my Facebook page what I call my “Running Cam-y-ra,” pictures I take when I’m running. (Get it? Running Camy-ra/camera? … {crickets chirp}) I’ve been posting them on Facebook. So far a lot of what I post are pretty flowers I don’t know the names of, and people have been really great about identifying them. Facebook is better than Google!

Here’s one I just posted on Saturday. I didn’t know until people started commenting on Facebook that they’re cannas. Aren’t they pretty?

So what do you think of the Running Cam-y-ra? And while I’m at it, what do you think of the giveaways and guest blogs I’ve been doing? Likey or no likey?


  1. I'm okay with guest post and giveaways. But I did miss your posts and wondered where you were though. I would like to see some of your books up for giveaways in the future.

    I must have overlooked running post I didn't see it on FB. Are you still on Spark People? Sometimes I think about joining?

    Oh yeah, I saw your latest book in the teen section at Family Christian Bookstore. That was after looking everywhere else in the store. Then I stumbled upon it. That series is still on my wish list. I know where one of the books is when ever I'm able to get it.

    1. Thanks Melody! Yes, I'm still on SparkPeople!
      Be sure to friend me if you join!

      How interesting it was in the teen section! I wrote it so that any teenager could read it, but the issues in it are more for adults than high schoolers.

    2. Now I see the Running Camy-ra pics. I do like them. Great outdoor scenes. I didn't know what the reddish flower was. Bur there was no mistaken the Honeysuckle. Like others have said you can suckle the nectar out of it. We did when we were kids. They are not common where you live? Here they are everywhere. The greenery looked so healthy and the baby duck was cute. Keep us posted on your progress.

      I think your book was in the teen section because of the cover. It doesn't look like the typical adult Christian novel cover.

    3. No, I'd never seen or smelled honeysuckle before! There are some white flowers here that are similar, but they don't smell as good and they don't look quite the same.

  2. I love the guest posts and giveaways and also like Melody enjoy your blog. I love the Camy-ra. Kudos to you for running a marathon, that's pretty ambitious but I'm sure you are up for it. My son runs marathons and I'm impressed. It's on my to do list some day.

    1. Thanks, Kathy! Yes that was my thinking, I wanted to run a marathon someday, and then I decided, why not do it while I could still walk? LOL