Monday, May 06, 2013

Guest blog post and giveaway - Love Inspired Suspense author Hope White

Today I have a special blog guest, Love Inspired Suspense author Hope White!

With a degree in journalism, Hope White began her career as a reporter and feature writer for newspapers and magazines before discovering her passion for writing fiction. When not at the computer Hope is usually off hiking one of the many trails by her house, taking in a movie, or enjoying a cup of tea with friends. Hope lives in the Pacific Northwest with her hero husband, two sons, and way too many pets. She loves to hear from readers.

And now, here's Hope!

One of the questions people often ask me about my writing is, “Where do you get your ideas?”

Actually, that’s one of easier parts of the process because I see ideas everywhere: in newspapers, magazines, online or in personal relationships and…daydreams!

The inspiration for my current book, SAFE HARBOR, came one afternoon during a powernap when an image popped into my head — I was hiding in a closet, terrified of something on the other side. From there, the “what if” game started clicking away… something dangerous happened on the other side of the door, something that will threaten my life if I make my presence known. Something like a burglary, argument, fist-fight…murder! And there you have the beginnings of a story.

I’m also inspired by real life events that I feel passionate about. I know I’ve got a bullying book in me because whenever I hear stories about kids being bullied I become so angry I see red. Also, I won’t be surprised if I end up writing a book about a woman who disappears and mysteriously shows up ten years later. That story just broke in the news this week. She left her two children behind and went off the grid. This mystifies and fascinates me. My heart goes out to those kids.

Recently my son and I have noticed the same man walking down our street every morning at the same time carrying a garbage bag over his shoulder. Why? Where is he going? And who made all that garbage? Is there a dead body in that bag? (Sorry, that’s the suspense writer in me.) And why walk past my house at the exact same time every day? Wanna play? I’d love your thoughts about Mr. Garbage Bag Man. Who knows, it might end up in a book someday!

I’m excited about giving away three books on Camy’s blog: Christmas Haven, Small Town Protector, and Safe Harbor.

I'm honored to be participating in K.T. Crowley's online auction, BOSTON STRONG.  Check it out!

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great week!

Hope White

Safe Harbor
Hope White

"No one's going to hurt you."

When he finds Nicole Harris cowering in a closet—a terrified witness to murder—Detective Alex Donovan's only priority is keeping the beautiful redhead alive. But Nicole is harboring a deep, dark secret—a childhood trauma that stops her from counting on anyone. Haunted by the violence in his own past, Alex knows he shouldn't get personally involved, but his own feelings blindside him. With a killer targeting Nicole as his next victim, Alex's toughest road is still ahead. Somehow, he's got to convince her to trust him with her life…and her heart.

Look for the excerpt of this book to be posted on my blog on Friday, May 17th!

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