Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Yet more wisdom from French Women Don’t Get Fat

My friend, NYT bestselling author Tosca Lee, was Mrs. Nebraska several years ago. She is a fount of information for health and exercise.

One thing she mentioned is that some fresh lemon juice in water is great if you’re feeling bloated from your time of the month, because it’s a natural diuretic besides all the great vitamin C it’s packed with.

What struck me about it is that it’s mentioned in the French Women Don’t Get Fat book that I've raved about before on this blog (part one and part two). Citron presse is a popular drink French women order at cafes—a lemon squeezed into water, whether cold or warm, without sugar.

Maybe that’s why they order them—for the anti-bloating properties! Since I’ve been feeling fat lately, I’ve been drinking lemon juice and water at meals. Unfortunately, I’m still fat. But I’m running again (breaking in my Vibram Five Finger shoes) so hopefully I’ll lose the weight I gained in the past few months I’ve been on deadline.

And what’s up with the pink slime hitting the news lately? Captain Caffeine told me about it, and that our local grocery store, Nob Hill, supposedly does not carry pink slime hamburger. I think Mireille Guiliano would not even call that food.


  1. Hey Camy! Thanks for the tip. I always feel bloated before the time of the month. Yes, I'm serious about my running ( but not as serious as you because you join marathons...oh God no, not that!) I just wonder if you use "RunKeeper" on your phone when you run? That's my new bestfriend now. Love it so much!

    So tell me, how often do you run in a week? And how far do you go in kms?
    Happy EAster! - Joy

  2. I love Runkeeper! I just need a new phone so it doesn't crash it in the middle of my run. Not helpful!

    Thanks for the tip about lemon water. I'm always up for trying new things (so long as it's not green and slimy). :-)

    Natalia Gortova

  3. Joy, I just got my period today, if you can believe it! 4 days early! I've never heard of RunKeeper, I'll look it up! Thanks!

    Natalia, lemon water is one of the better diet tips I've gotten since it doesn't taste as nasty as other things!