Friday, April 29, 2011

My favorite ereader for a Mother's Day gift!

Apologies to all you Kindle fans, but I love my Nook.

I's mostly because I can read .epub and .pdb and .pdf files on it, whereas on Kindle you can only read .azw and .pdf files. Most of my ebooks are .pdb and .epub, and I didn't want to have to buy .azw versions of them all to read on a Kindle.

So when I heard about this special for Mother's Day, you knew I'd have to post about it, right??? The NookColor is kind of like a less expensive iPad because it has the touch screen.

Mother's Day NOOKcolor™ Promo (starts April 29th and ends May 5th)
Free Expedited Shipping on NOOKColor for Mother's Day - Hurry limited time offer only!
Update: The Mother's Day link doesn't work, but I've emailed to find out if the html is wrong. The links below are correct, though.

Or if Mom won't want a Nook but might want a book:

Mother's Day - Save Up to 50%

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