Thursday, October 22, 2009

Le Femme Nikita (Peta Wilson version) rant part 2

Captain's Log, Stardate 10.22.2009

I watched Season 5 and it was like watching a train wreck happening and being unable to stop it.

It’s as if the entire production flushed their brains down the toilet. No one bothered to question or correct any of the logic disconnects. No one asked, “Why would Character A do that if Fact B is true?” or if someone did ask, the management ignored it.

The ending was interesting if bittersweet, although him giving his life for someone else’s son was a bit hard to believe. Still, the theme of sacrifice and all that.

In general, it was a really good series. That’s probably why I’m so disappointed at how it/the writing degenerated. Ah, well.

And in case you didn’t know, executive consultant Joel Surnow went on to create the TV series 24, which I love. Good job, Joel.

Now I need to watch some Pride and Prejudice to wipe the bad taste from my mouth.


  1. I used to watch this show and you're right. It started out great and then... It's like they just ran out of ideas and thought about how could they surprise the audience instead of how to be true to the show. It reeked of desperation and it wasn't any good.

    Pride & Prejudice is always a good idea. :o)

  2. Now that's a good point. I think you hit the nail on the head--it was more about surprise than being true to the characters or the show.