Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Laundry droppage

Captain's Log, Stardate 10.27.2009

I’m not known for my neat eating, so the other day, I dropped something on my T-shirt, right in front.

Now, it wasn’t a HUGE mess, just a dime-sized drop. Okay, maybe a quarter sized drop.

Captain Caffeine looks at it in dismay. “You’ve got something on your T-shirt.”

“I know, I spilled something.” Not a surprise. “I think it’s caramel sauce.”

The Captain eyes the brown dot. “Wait, is that my T-shirt?”

“No, I pulled it out of my drawer.”

“I think it is my T-shirt.” He looks at the tag. “X-Large. It is my T-shirt!”

“It was in my drawer so I thought it was mine.”

“Don’t you check the size when you put on a shirt?”

“No, because you gave me some of your T-shirts to wear.”

“I didn’t give you that one.”

I shrug. “You must have put it in my laundry basket and I washed it and put it in my drawer.”

“It could have fallen out of my hamper into your laundry basket.”

I sniff. “I am not responsible for laundry droppage.”


  1. Camy.... you speak the veritable truth ;) As long as you have a handy dandy stain remover,life is wonderful

  2. So that is where your characters get their droppsies from. :)
    I love your characters...I'm clumsy too.

  3. My clothes often get as much food as my mouth!

  4. A guy I went to college once told me that everytime he saw me there was some stain on my shirt. Really made my day (NOT!) I think it just that I love sauces and just need to get every last bit :)

  5. LOL! I always say I have hungry clothes.