Friday, October 30, 2009

Interview at Nora's blog

I'm over at Nora St. Laurent's blog today in an interview!

You find yourself in a life threatening situation who would you pick to save you? You are the author her you can be creative, the sky is the limit.

Aragorn from Lord of the Rings. Because he's HOT!

Click here for the rest of the interview


  1. Someone with spiritual power to fight off the powers of darkness! I don't think this hero's really been written yet. Hmmm. Maybe I'll have to write him. ;-)

  2. That was a fun interview - and Aragorn is pretty um... (it's hard for a married woman to admit anything above attractive). Viggo Mortenson is an interesting character all by himself. Even without Aragorn's long locks and costumes, he's so intense and a little off beat (no television) and things like that... He draws you in to want to get to know why he's so different.

    I like to analyze people - I guess I obsess about that the way you do about knitting. It's one of the things that made me want to write. Now I just need to get it to translate from my head to the page. :o)

  3. Hope--definitely write him!

    Lee-I love analyzing people, too! I think it's what compells us to write.

  4. Thanks, Camy! I've been wanting's a process and I'm getting there. It's going to take a lot of prayer.