Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pepper and Snickers

Captain's Log, Stardate 04.29.2009

Let me tell you the story of Pepper.

Pepper is a Labrador mix who belongs to a certain editor who shall remain nameless.

Pepper was an adorable puppy and remains a darn cute dog. He is black, with short legs and a barrel of a body. He also loves the cat he lives with.

Snickers is a German Shepherd/Labrador/Pit Bull/name any dog you can think of mix who is a butthead.

She went through SIX ROUNDS OF DOG TRAINING because she is such a butthead. Even our trainer said she was a butthead and that we got a difficult dog for our first pet.


While lots of other dogs responded well to their owners, ours did not listen. The trainer had to be—ahem—a bit forceful with her to get her to stop misbehaving.

It’s kind of like having the problem child in a classroom full of brilliant overachievers.

For my May 2010 book, my editor asked me to write about a dog. Naturally, being a dog owner, I jumped at the chance.

Except I am the owner of one of the biggest buttheads on the planet. Not a very heroic character for a novel.

Not having much experience with obedient dogs, what was I to do?

Pepper to the rescue.

In my May 2010 release, I introduce you to …



  1. I happen to know who Pepper and the cute kitty belong to! As for Snickers . . . have you considered contacting The Dog Whisperer???

  2. Awesome!

    Oh yeah, in my last two novels, I'm written in a dog. But, I can't use mine...too wild and crazy.

    But, I can invent my dream dog and give it the same name...LOL.

    Great post!

  3. Well, Camy, can't you get a lot more literary mileage from a butthead dog than a cute, obedient one?

  4. Myra, we have been watching his TV show and I've read both his first books several times each. We probably don't have good calm assertive energy, but my problem is that it's not easy for most people to achieve that. I like Victoria Stillwell b/c she's a lot like our dog trainer, she works with people who don't necessarily have good pack leader energy to enable them to still be a pack leader.

    Lynn, why is it we have the wild dogs and it seems everyone else has perfect dogs???

    Jeanette--LOL you're absolutely right!


  5. I am honored to be the mom of Pepper:) He's a real sweetie but far from perfect. His original name (till I made hubby change it) was "turd burglar." He never listens when he is outside and loves to run off for 3-4 hours.

    But now he is pretty and shiny having just come home from the groomers. He smells so good!

  6. ROFL!!!!! I totally didn't know that about his "original" name! Snickers' favorite snack is almond rocha aka cat poo.

  7. What is it with these dogs??? Our Shadow apparently doesn't get his nutritional needs met with "real" dog food, so he always grabs "dessert" in the backyard (Gracie's recycles).