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New reality show idea!

Captain's Log, Stardate 04.22.2009

Captain Caffeine and I have been talking again (I know, marvel concept!).

We happened to catch the last show of Rock of Love (with Brett Michaels) season ten or something like that (the boy gets around, that's for sure ... Captain says, "He's a rock star." As if that explains it all), and the Captain remarked, “You’ve got to come up with a really good reality show idea."

So, after the Amish vampire kung fu Asian triad idea, creative juices were still flowing and we came up with this:

Twelve contestants think they have to learn to live like the Amish in an Amish village. The TV show has remarkably found an Amish village they can film in.

The contestants have to learn Amish ways and “survive” for twelve weeks. The last contestant not booted out of the village gets a million bucks.

Little do they know ...

Come on, what true Amish community is going to let themselves be photographed? The “Amish village” is a fake! The contestants don’t get squat if they survive.

Except it’s “survive” in the truest sense of the word ...

The “Amish” people are actually kung fu assassins! And they fake-kill one contestant a week! So the contestants are dying off left and right!

The remaining contestants must figure out what’s going on and learn kung fu themselves! To try to defeat the assassin villagers!

(Think Survivor meets Harper’s Island.)

(Meets Kung Fu Panda.)

(Meets Witness.)

Don’t you just see the possibilities?????

And remember, you read it here first.


  1. I like the idea. I think your husband should become a producer.

  2. LOLOLOL!!! You and Captain Caffeine are riots!

  3. It's a little like Agatha Christie's "Ten Little Indians," don't you think?

    Perhaps a reality show about people sitting around trying to come up with workable ideas for a reality show--- they could be eliminated one by one from bloggers who "gong" them online!

  4. Anonymous, Captain Caffeine likes the idea.

    Delia, we're nuts. That's why we're married. :)

    Jeanette, Harper's Island is fashioned after Ten Little Indians (at least that's what the trailers make it seem to be...there's a little girl voice over saying, "One by one..."). I loved that book. SO clever!


  5. My hubby likes the idea, says he's watch it!! (And he laughed, it's very hard to make him laugh!!) :)

  6. My hubby suggests instead of kung fu how about using UFC fighters? Anything involving UFC will got on the air these days!


  8. Could you please tell my why we did not have any brainstorming sessions when I visited? Next time, we'd better do it, and Capt. Caffeine had better be invited. (And make lattes. But that's a given.)

    I do love your husband... in a um, not awkward way... in the way I love you, but not so much. Cuz I like you better. You know, cuz you're a girl, and he's a boy, and boys stink. *phew!*


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