Friday, October 31, 2008

Blog tour, day 61

Captain's Log, Stardate 10.31.2008

The complete schedule of the Single Sashimi blog tour is here.

Hallelujah! It's the end of the tour!

(Update: The content on this last day of my blog tour has changed.)

Sozintara reviews Single Sashimi

Earlier I mentioned how "The Other Side" by Avalon was my inspirational song as I wrote Single Sashimi. I found a video of the song on YouTube so if you're not familiar with the song, you can hear it! (Click on the link above for the lyrics.)

Happy Halloween! Don't eat too much candy!


  1. I nominated you for an award on my blog so come check it out!

  2. I forgot to mention, cool song! I like it a lot. Glad you posted it, because I hadn't heard it before.