Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The ugly bag

Captain's Log, Stardate 05.06.2008

So, I had this extra yarn in my stash, a nice pink Jiffy yarn. I’ve been making scarves and hats to give to my youth group girls as Christmas presents, and I’ve got a ton of scarves. I was tired of scarves.

I thought, why not a bag? I have the yarn and the inclination.

So I started. This is the reason I do not do a lot of multiple colors in my knitting.

Isn’t it hideous? Aside from the fact I have an extra hole at the top (you can’t see it) and the placement of the straps at the bottom isn’t quite even with the bottom panel, it looks like someone tried to stuff the poor thing in a girdle.

I know what happened—I was too tight in my tension when I was doing that topmost strip. Actually, if you shake the bag out, the other two strips of color are a tad tight, too. The bag’s actual silhouette looks a bit like my own—lots of lumps.

It’s … serviceable. Maybe I can trick a Junior High girl into thinking the pink color is cute enough to disregard the fact it looks like a squashed head.


  1. I personally like the bag and I am not in jr high.

    I'll bid on it.

    Two dollars.

  2. It's pretty cute, Camy! And I can barely knit, and the thought of changing colors gives me hives... I could probably crochet something similar though...