Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sunday Prayer

Captain's Log, Stardate 11.11.2007

Leave any prayer requests in the comments and I’ll be praying this week. You don’t have to be Christian to leave a prayer request. If you’d rather not advertise to everyone on the blogosphere, just leave an unspoken prayer request or e-mail me. If I forgot your prayer request, email me. Not to be mean or anything, but if you don't email me or comment to update your prayer request, I'm only going to pray ONE Sunday.

I’m trying something new with my Sunday Prayer. I’m really bad about doing it on Sunday, so I’ll be updating it during the week.

Holy Father, thank you for this time with you.

I pray for complete healing for Bruce, Doug, Malia, Helen, Kelli, and Tony.

Please deliver justice to Case swiftly. I lift up him and his family to you.

Please heal Katie. Sustain her family with hope and peace. I pray everything turns out well for them.

Please be with Kacy and her mother. I pray the surgery goes well and that your peace covers everyone.

Be with PW from Tulsa and her mother as they battle spiritual warfare in their neighborhood and among her family. I also pray for healing for her and her family from physical, mental, and emotional struggles.

Help Christopher with his exams—keep him focused, help him to be at peace rather than nervous, and enable him to do well.

Thank you for the weekend brainstorming session and the help with the next book. Please help me to finish writing the current book by the end of the month.


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