Monday, November 05, 2007


Captain's Log, Supplemental

My friend Ruth Logan Herne came up with this:


Hyperallergenicmanitosis is a known but little studied phenomena believed to be intrinsically linked to the 'y' chromosome, specifically testosterone-based. It manifests itself in no small number of ways, but general symptoms include grouchiness in spring and fall, depression in winter, and heat stroke in summer. Victims may sweat a lot. Also noted is distinct lack of anything remotely connected to romance or romantic notions during those same seasons. While male homo sapiens working outdoors in critical climate attire seem to be the most affected, their wives (if married) bear the brunt of the situation, often dealing with their inner angst by such means as belly dancing, running a third-world country, becoming a corporate magnate and writing romance novels, to name a few.

Seekerville definition

Camy here: Not to say Captain Caffeine has this disease to this extreme. He's actually quite amiable. Then again, he's an engineer and doesn't work outdoors much.

However, I'd have liked an excuse to run a third-world country.

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