Friday, November 23, 2007

Book review - When Dreams Come True by Margaret Daley

Captain’s Log, Stardate 11.23.2007

When Dreams Come True by Margaret Daley
Book 4 in the Ladies of Sweetwater Lake series

When her DEA agent husband's plane went down, Zoey Witherspoon thought her life was over. But with two kids to care for, and another on the way, she moved back home to Sweetwater to be closer to friends and family.

Two years later, her world was turned upside down: her husband was alive!

Amnesia-stricken Dane was not exactly the same person he had been, but neither was Zoey. She refused to return to the fractured marriage they had shared—workaholic Dane had never been around—yet moving forward was a scary prospect. Would a second chance at happiness make all her dreams come true?

Camy here: Margaret Daley is always a good read. I liked the unusual premise about a husband, presumed dead, who reappears after two years. Margaret adds more tension by the fact that Zoey and Dane had been on the brink of separation before he’d disappeared.

The story highlights the good and bad of living in a small town, and how it impacts Dane, who is used to a larger city. The support of the community makes me want to live in Sweetwater.

My only gripe with the book was that it seemed like Dane was the one with most of the internal issues, and I felt that Zoey didn’t adequately face her own mistakes. However, she makes a sacrificial decision near the end, ready to act on her love for Dane and her family.

I really liked how Dane dealt with his estranged son near the end of the book. It rang of authenticity to me, after I’ve worked with teens and pre-teens for many years. The way he handled the rocky relationship impressed me.

Overall, a good story It’s completely appropriate for pre-teen readers, although they may not relate to the storyline as well as adults.

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