Friday, September 28, 2007

The Restitution by M.L. Tyndall

Captain’s Log, Stardate 09.28.07

The Restitution by M.L. Tyndall

Lady Isabel Ashton, scorned by society after the birth of her illegitimate child, longs to regain wealth and position-despite Christ's call on her heart. But when her son is kidnapped, she's forced to seek the aid of the man who pirated her purity. How far will Isabel go to save her child and redeem her honor? Captain Kent Carlton, desperate to win the heart of the woman he once ravished, finds himself battling jealousy as well as the sea. Can a penniless pirate capture the love he so urgently desires, or will the lady seek her safe harbor in another man's arms?

Camy here: I absolutely loved this book. Once I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down.

It started a little slow—it took a few pages for me to get into it. But as soon as the heroine encounters the pirate in the muddy street, the book had me hooked.

There was conflict and tension on every single page. I couldn’t stop reading.

The heroine, Isabel, is both likable and flawed. Her snobby English aristocracy attitude was annoying but understandable considering her upbringing, and yet she wasn’t completely unfeeling, because she always showed love and compassion for others.

I was a bit annoyed that she kept bringing up Kent’s past brutality and flinging it in his face, although her later attempts smacked of her desperation to keep him at bay while her heart was softening toward him.

While Kent bowed under her verbal attacks at first, he didn’t take flack from her later in the story, although he did still feel sorry for what he did. I thought he was quite manly in his contrition, and later in the story while he was still remorseful, he wasn’t a doormat for Isabel to walk all over.

The author did a good job showing Isabel gradually falling in love with Kent, and showing Kent gradually falling under the spell of God’s love.

The story was very fast-paced for a historical romance novel, and it was fun to keep up with the characters.

The story is the third in the Legacy of the King’s Pirates series, but it can read as a stand alone book. I haven’t (as of this writing) yet read book 2, and yet I wasn’t confused by this storyline or the characters. However, Charlisse and Merrick do not make a guest appearance in this book.

Because life at sea and in those waters was cruel and ruthless, there are some mention of cruelties by past pirates that aren’t quite appropriate for younger junior high age girls. However, I wouldn’t be afraid to give this book to any of my high school girls to read.

This is an entertaining book that I enjoyed a lot. I recommend this to any historical romance readers.

(I’ll be giving a copy of this book away on Monday!)


  1. Hey Camy!!
    Thanks for having me on your blog and for saying such great things about The Restitution. Since you don't usually read many historicals, I'm thrilled you enjoyed it so much! By the way, I'm in the middle of Sushi for One. I never knew you were so funny!!! Great story.
    God bless,

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