Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Blog tour - day nineteen

Captain's Log, Supplemental

My be-yooo-tiful friend Claudia Mair Burney gives an interview on her Ragamuffin Diva blog.

You can view the full blog tour schedule here.


  1. Hey Camy - you are having a blast on your blog tour, I can tell!!! I am concerned however that Capt. Caffeine may not forgive me for introducing you to Richard Armitage - LOL!!! Maybe he can commiserate with my hubby :)

    Bless you!

  2. Hey Camy,

    I'm here from Mair's blog...but I've "seen" you around before. GREAT interview and yes, I'm invested in your book now...ha! Just what you hope to accomplish with a blog tour :).

    Tons of personality leaps of the page...umm, make that computer screen, and it looks I'm gonna need to pick up some "Sushi".