Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Blog tour - day five

Captain's Log, Supplemental

Join me at Christa’s blog for a blog post about my favorite subject—food!

Winter and I talk about food, volleyball, and the cover art for Sushi for One.

Amber Miller and I talk about the characters and themes in my book.

Erica Vetsch asks me about the inside story on that painting in the pastor’s office in Sushi for One.

Linda Fulkerson asks what influenced me to become a novelist.

My friend Kelly Klepfer posts a review.

Page McManus posts a review and asks me how I reward myself.

The Christian Fiction Blog Alliance is featuring my book from today until Friday.

It’s Day three of a Week of Camy at Novel Journey! Review! Interview! Guest blog! Giving away a book a day!

You can view the full blog tour schedule here.


  1. Hey girl! Did you see the Technaroti book page?

    Both Sushi and Only Uni are up there! Yeah!

  2. So much going on and it's wonderful!!

    btw, I have something for you over on my blog.

    Click here