Friday, August 31, 2007

Door desk

Captain's Log, Supplemental

It is sooooooo hot here in San Jose, and we don’t have air conditioning. (Collective “Awww” of pity for poor Camy)

On a positive note, it’s too hot for my dog to get into too much trouble.

A couple weekends ago (before it got so hot), Captain Caffeine and I got rid of my old desk, a heavy wooden one (which I can’t complain about because it was free) and we got a door at Home Depot to lay on cinderblocks for my desk. Ta da!

We wrapped the cinderblocks in black plastic trash bags so they wouldn’t rain gravel on my carpet (that’s the black pillars at each corner).

You’ll notice that my monitor, keyboard, and trackball are elevated on cardboard boxes so that I can stand and type (it’s better for my back), but my ergonomic chair is rolled to the side so I can sit if I want to (the keyboard and monitor are easy to move down from the boxes.

I also have a rolling caddy with drawers for my stuff, and my file cabinet is on the far right, out of the picture.

I love my door desk! It’s 36” x 80”, so it’s HUGE!


  1. That's inventive. Love it! Never thought of using a door--although I wouldn't even hope to have that much space. Yep, I'm confined to the tiny kitchen table.

  2. I heard the exec's at amazon (or was it google) all used door's as their desks! Never heard of anyone standing to type!

  3. Awwwww.... poor Camy, no air conditioning. (I'd feel more sorry for you, except we don't have air conditioning either...)

    How creative! I never thought of elevating everything to stand and type... That's a really good idea, I may have to try it.

  4. No AC here either... our ac unit got hit by lightning. Got it temporarily fixed and now it's fried... got to get the whole unit replaced. Let me tell ya no ac in 110 heat and humidity in the South is not a fun thing.

    Very creative idea with the door, Camy!

  5. Up until this week we were without AC, too. There must have been an epidemic! I like the door idea, Camy. My desk is a counter top. :)

  6. Um, Camy, your office is a mess! lol Would you believe I've spent all morning cleaning mine? Even vacuumed behind all the computer stuff. Ah-choo!!!

    Cool desktop idea, by the way. Lots of space! Love it.

  7. I love your door desk. It's such a great idea. It looks like it takes up less room than a big desk but has just as much "desktop" space, if that makes any sense.

    No AC? I think I would cry.