Thursday, April 12, 2007

Interview with Laura Jensen Walker

Captain’s Log, Stardate 04.12.2007

Today I get to interview my friend and fellow chick lit author Laura Jensen Walker!

Laura's latest chick lit novel is Miss Invisible!

A feast of romance and laughter featuring a delightful and courageous heroine that you can relate to no matter what your size.

Convinced that her larger size relegates her to wallflower status, Freddie Heinz hides behind the wedding cakes she creates as a professional baker. But life is about to change for Miss Invisible.

First of all, Freddie's found a new friend who encourages her to come out of her shell. Then Hal, the cute veternarian, starts showing interest in the woman behind the delightful cakes. And when Freddie decides to break every rule in the "big girl's" book and find out who she really is, life gets even more exciting--and hilarious.

Cinderella, look out! Miss Invisible is becoming the belle of the ball--and having a ball in the process. Because when you finally find God's call for your life, any size is the right size--and love can see what the rest of the world passes by.

And now, here’s me and Laura!

What was the funnest part of writing Miss Invisible?

All the great food-tasting I got to do, especially at Danek's, the local bakery that was the loose (very loose--they didn't have an evil boss) inspiration for Jorgensen's. Yumm. They make gorgeous wedding cakes that are works of art. Thinking outside my stomach, it was also great fun to write Deborah. I love her! Freddie made me a little crazy and I wanted to throttle her at times 'cause she was so clueless and let too many people walk all over her, but Deborah NEVER would. Deborah rocked!

What CD would your heroine play ad nauseum and why?

The Voice of the Sparrow: The Very Best of Edith Piaf - because it's great music for wallowing :) Especially, “Hymne A L'Amour (If You Love Me, Really Love Me)”

What was your hero's childhood pet?

Um, I don't think she had one. That's why Zsa Zsa was so special to her :)

You know how much I love food, right? Italian's at the top of my fav
list. What's your favorite Italian dish and why?

That's a tough one 'cause I love Italian too. Hmm. A great lasagna (my husband makes the best, although Macaroni Grill is a close second). It's the marriage of a great tomato sauce and all that cheese. How can you go wrong? I was also recently introduced to risotto (I know, I know. I don't get out much.) A yummy mushroom one at Lucca's, an Italian restaurant in downtown Sacramento--that was simply amazing. Talk about delicious comfort food. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it!

If you were a coffee drink, what would you be and why?

Let's see... how can I put this gently? I wouldn't be ANY coffee drink, because like Freddie, I HATE coffee! I know this puts me in the minority of the Starbucks frappuccino, latte-loving world, but we don't all want to be alike, right?
I've never liked coffee, or anything coffee-flavored (including mocha cake or truffles.) Hate the taste and the smell. Especially the smell. Partly due to undergoing chemotherapy 15 years ago and the dietary folks at the hospital would keep forgetting and bring me coffee every morning. The moment I caught a whiff of the strong brew, my stomach heaved. So coffee does not have good associations for me.

Tea, on the other hand, always takes me back to England. I'd be a cup of PG Tips tea - strong and flavorful and quick-to-brew (which works well with my impatient nature :)

That’s right! Sorry, girlfriend, I forgot you drink tea. I should have remembered, too, since I have only a few friends who will enjoy a cuppa (English-style) with me.

Well, you're off the hotseat! Any parting words?

I hope that every woman who has ever felt invisible--whether it's due to her size, age, or circumstances--will enjoy Miss Invisible. And tell your friends! Thanks, Camy.

Camy here: Thanks yourself, Laura!