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Almost finished with edits!

Captain’s Log, Supplemental

I’m actually in the final stretch of finishing my first round of revisions on book 2 in the Sushi Series, which I think is going to be called Only Uni. I’ll finish in a few hours and get this emailed to my macro editor by the end of the day.

(Hear that Rachelle? End of the day. Before midnight, so it’ll arrive before it turns into April 21st, which is on time, right? Right? ☺)

As I was doing revisions, some parts still made me laugh. I think that’s a good thing, especially since I’ve gone through this manuscript a few times by now. Hopefully my readers (you guys!) will get my humor and laugh, too.

And if you don’t laugh, I think I’m going to cry. A part of me wants people not to tell me if they don’t like my book. Isn’t that kind of pathetic?

However, I don’t think I’m alone. I can’t imagine any writer really wanting to know if someone thinks their book sucks Lemonheads.

Maybe it’s part of the step into real Writerhood, and I just don’t want to grow up.


I think I’m going to submit this into the Writer … Interrupted Carnival and see what other writers think.

Come visit the Carnival on Monday, April 23rd!


  1. I bet even Karen Kingsbury dislikes hearing that someone hated one of her books!

    Glad your revisions are almost done!

  2. Us? Not getting your humor? Not laughing with you? Not liking your book?



    : )

    And yep, 11:59 pm is making your deadline!!! Congrats, girl!!

  3. Hey Camy ~ just listened to your interview on Zondervan's website, thanks to Donna!!! Was great to hear you talk about the books. And, I loved it so remember that ;-)

  4. Camy, just so you can stop sweating it... your revisions are awesome.

    Have a great day!

  5. Hey, Rachelle says your great so don't sweat it! :)

    I know what you mean Camy. I've dreamed of my book coming out for months now and the closer I get, the more nervous I am.

    I can't wait for your book. I have truly been looking forward to your book's release for a long time. I feel since we were contracted around the same time, I've sort of been on this journey with you!

    Many blessings!


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