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Sunday Prayer

Captain’s Log, Stardate 10.22.2006

Leave any prayer requests in the comments and I’ll be praying this week. You don’t have to be Christian to leave a prayer request. If you’d rather not advertise to everyone on the blogosphere, just leave an unspoken prayer request or e-mail me. If I forgot your prayer request, e-mail me. Not to be mean or anything, but if you don't e-mail me or comment to update your prayer request, I'm only going to pray 3 Sundays.
Lord, bless your day today.

Father, I pray for favor for Case with his sentencing judge. Please let everything turn out well for him and his family. Continue to uphold them in your righteous right hand.

I pray for success for Robin in the elections.

Thank you for Cheryl and Robin’s contracts!

I pray for complete healing for Colleen’s mom.

Please be with Jaen and her family and provide for them.

Help Gail and Bob in everything that needs to be done, and comfort them.

Be with Heather as she prepares for her trip. Show her clearly what you want her to do. Help her to have the strength to step out in faith if that’s your will.

Give Pammer wisdom and hope. I pray you will be over her. I pray she wins the elections.

Knit Cheryl’s bones and muscles and tendons together completely and quickly. Please ease her pain and give wisdom to her therapists and doctors.

Give wisdom and guidance to Dineen. Help her to write for you.

Give Ronie wisdom and peace. I pray for success for Brian’s exam.

I pray for Ron and his writing. Also give him wisdom in his new responsibilities.

Give Sharon H. your help and hope in all her writing. Keep your hand over her and let everything come together for good.

I pray for peace and wisdom for Kelli S.

Please lead Sarah S.’s projects to the right houses. I pray for success for her new marketing idea.

I pray for healing for Gina C.’s son.

Protect ChristianFictionQueen from spiritual warfare, and give her strength and hope in all things.

I pray for complete healing of Malia’s back and knee. Give wisdom to her, her doctors, the insurance, her nurses and therapists.

Help all the SAYSFers hear back soon about their manuscript submissions. I also pray for physical healing and health for them all.

I pray for healing for Missy’s dad, and for help as she teaches. Please bless her and equip her with everything she needs.

Thank you that Tina’s new boss is so good. I pray their relationship strengthens and deepens so that they can work together smoothly and efficiently. Thank you that she finished her manuscript. I pray for the right houses for it.

Open Dream’s heart to even more blessings from you.

I pray for strength, joy, and energy for Mary D.’s team. Give her everything she needs. I also pray you will provide a ride for her to and from San Francisco for the Mount Hermon conference.

Help Lynette to write your words. Anoint her writing for you.

Give Lily the strength and courage to stay sober this week. Give her more and more of your love and grace. Protect her from spiritual warfare and help her to stand strong.

I pray for the right publisher for Judy’s work. Continue to bless the work of her hands.

Help Brittanie rekindle her relationship with you and find the fire she once had.

Heal Diana D.’s ankle completely. Continue to open her heart to your love so that she can spread it to everyone around her.

Please help Randy I. and his family find the right house. I pray for success for his proposals.

Continue to help Sigrun with her physical aches and pains, and help her to know your love and be able to share it with others around her.

Help PajamaMama to find the friends and help she needs. Comfort her and give her your mighty strength.

Please heal Mir from her allergies and tinnitic. Continue to rain blessings on her writing.

I pray for your wisdom and guidance for Gina H. Soothe her heart with your love and confidence. I pray for the right publisher and editor for her work.

I pray for wisdom and blessings on Ane and her writing career. I also pray for success for her in the elections.

Be with Rachelle in her projects and continue to provide for her and use her for your will.

I pray you will continue to help Paula M. to walk forward with you. Protect her and her family from spiritual warfare. Give her your strength and guidance.

I lift up Megan D. and pray for your blessings over her writing and work.

Continue to fold Donna in your love, your graciousness, your lavish abundance.

I pray for refreshment over Mair. Give her wisdom, peace, and trust in you. I pray for your creativity in her fingers as she writes.

I pray for strength and healing for Angie P. and Pattie. Thank you for their love for you and willingness to obey. I pray for complete healing for Pattie. I hope one day I get to meet her.

I pray for complete healing for Synner’s dad. I lift up her writing to you and pray for your blessings on it.

I lift up Angie B. and all the family concerns in her life. Continue to walk joyfully with her in her writing journey.

Please help Narelle’s move to go smoothly. Ease her son’s anxiety about it.

I pray beatccr gets into grad school and that everything goes smoothly for her.

I lift up Patricia W.’s friend Crystal and her two children. Please continue to watch over them.

Thank you for Georgiana D.’s unflagging joy. Bless her writing. Help her to find the right crit partners.

Please heal Jeanne D.’s daughter Grace from her RA if that’s your will. Give wisdom and strength to the family.

I pray for complete healing for Katie H.’s brother’s shoulder.

I pray for a smooth, easy pregnancy for Gina W. Bless her writing and give her guidance about which direction you want her to go with it.

Help Angie A. continue to write for your will.

Help Winter in everything she needs, and give her both strength and peace.

I pray for complete healing for Sarahsermon’s mom.

Be with Audra S. in her friendships, her family, and her writing. Help Bob to open his eyes to your truth.

I pray for a smooth pregnancy for LaShaunda and guidance for her writing.

Help MamaRose’s daughter heal completely.

Be with Connie S. and help her to be able to reach out to others.

Help Kristin’s family during this transition time. Lay your hand over them all.

Be with Vicki G. in everything. I pray for a good surgery for Mr. G. and complete healing.

Be with Heather and Emma Grace and give them both strength and peace.

I pray for your will for Cathy in her writing. Help her to know what you desire for her and to follow it joyfully.

I pray for patience and love for my friends married to non-believers.

Deliver your persecuted church.

Thank you for helping me finish revisions on time. Please help me finish plotting out my book and complete the manuscript by November 30th. Please also heal me from this cold quickly.

We rest in your loving arms. Amen.


  1. Bless you for praying, Camy. Please pray that the Lord would open doors for finances via my writing. In a real bind lately with medical bills. Thanks.

  2. Amen to all of the above, but Lord, please heal Camy and continue to bless her with Your love and wisdom.

  3. Thank you, Camy! I have to finish this week and I am struggling. So needed that.

    Pryaing your knee is healthy and strong!

  4. Thanks for the prayers, Camy. It's so sweet of you to keep praying for all of us.

  5. I'm seeing answers to this prayer request. Thanks so much for your faithfulness to pray! I have another request: My hubby is trying to quit smoking. Today is his first day (he had two this morning). I need warriors joining me in prayer that this addiction will be broken in his life. :)

    Anything I can pray about for you, Camy? Just email me and let me know. :)

  6. God bless you Camy, for praying for us week after week!


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「ひとり寿司」をブログに連載します! ひとり寿司 寿司シリーズの第一作 キャミー・タング 西島美幸 訳 スポーツ狂のレックス・坂井 —— いとこのマリコが数ヶ月後に結婚することにより、「いとこの中で一番年上の独身女性」という内輪の肩書を「勝ち取る」ことについては、あまり気にしていない。コントロールフリークの祖母を無視するのは容易だ —— しかし、祖母は最終通告を出した —— マリコの結婚式までにデート相手を見つけなければ、無慈悲な祖母は、レックスがコーチをしている女子バレーボールチームへの資金供給を切ると言う。 ダグアウトにいる選手全員とデートに出かけるほど絶望的なわけではない。レックスは、バイブルスタディで読んだ「エペソの手紙」をもとに「最高の男性」の条件の厳しいリストを作った。バレーボールではいつも勝つ —— ゲームを有利に進めれば、必ず成功するはずだ。 そのとき兄は、クリスチャンではなく、アスリートでもなく、一見何の魅力もないエイデンを彼女に引き合わせる。 エイデンは、クリスチャンではないという理由で離れていったトリッシュという女の子から受けた痛手から立ち直ろうとしている。そして、レックスが(1)彼に全く興味がないこと、(2)クリスチャンであること、(3)トリッシュのいとこであることを知る。あの狂った家族とまた付き合うのはごめんだ。まして、偽善的なクリスチャンの女の子など、お断り。彼はマゾヒストじゃない。 レックスは時間がなくなってきた。いくら頑張っても、いい人は現れない。それに、どこへ行ってもエイデンに遭遇する。あのリストはどんどん長くなっていくばかり —— 過去に掲載済みのストーリーのリンクはこちらです。 *** 36 誰かと結婚するとしたら、きっと駆け落ちだ。 クスクス笑うマリコのブライズメイドの後をついて、レックスはよろめきながらパゴダブリッジ・レストランに入った。泣きわめくティキの隣で四時間立ちっぱなし——マリコはレックスを列の最後に入れてくれたから、ありがたい——抜歯と同じぐらい喜ばしい経験だった。ノボケインなしで。 (ウェディングそのものは一時間だけ。よかった)リハーサルも終わり、あとはオリバーを見つけ、四時間ぶりに椅子に座って、祖母のおごりで高価なリハーサルディナー(結婚式リハーサ