Saturday, October 28, 2006

Another card

Captain’s Log, Stardate 10.28.2006

Hey guys, sorry this is late. Blogger was wigging out when I tried to post this earlier.

Another card I made. I’m rather proud of this one.

Don’t you hate it when . . . you schedule Billpay payment to your insurance company premium through your online banking like a good girl and it says the payment went through, but then it shows the money was never taken out of your checking account and you get a statement from the insurance company that you never paid your premium?

I’m so peeved. I filed an inquiry with my bank’s Billpay. I haven’t been charged late fees yet, luckily.


Bible in 90 Days: Day 5. Reading about how Joseph interpreted the pharaoh’s cup-bearer's dream and then how the dude went back to work and forgot about Joseph for two whole years made me think about the writer’s life.

Often I would get some good news or a lucky break—an editor would show interest and request the full manuscript, or I’d win or final in a contest. It would give me hope that I’d be published soon.

But then nothing happened. Talk about major let-down.

I could feel for Joseph.

Writing: Still plotting. Please pray.


  1. Oh, Camy, I so identify with Joseph and the disappearing butler! We just have to remember that eventually, he did get out of that dungeon, and then nobody was higher up in Egypt than Joseph except Pharaoh! May your work be blessed!!!

  2. BEAUTIFUL card!!!
    I'm so proud of you! :-)
    You and I HAVE to schedule a mini-writing retreat visit where you come visit for several days and we can write half the day and stamp half the day.

    I made some cute book marks and gift cards and envelops as gifts to my Book Buddies and it was SO fun.

  3. Camy, I didn't know you did stamping. The card is beautiful! We have a group at our church who makes cards to send to members for different occasions, and I have loved receiving them. (hint, hint). LOL

    I bet it's a fun creative outlet that doesn't include plotting or revising. :) Enjoy!


  4. Love the card...I think I have the same stamp you used. Plotting can be difficult...I'm no expert, but I will pray for you. Sent your author photo CD today so you can update your blog photo!

  5. Impressive job on the card!