Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sunday Prayer

Captain’s Log, Stardate 07.23.2006

Leave any prayer requests in the comments and I’ll be praying this week. You don’t have to be Christian to leave a prayer request. If you’d rather not advertise to everyone on the blogosphere, just leave an unspoken prayer request or e-mail me. If I forgot your prayer request, e-mail me. Not to be mean or anything, but if you don't e-mail me or comment to update your prayer request, I'm only going to pray 3 Sundays.
Lord, thank you for this day.

I pray for Jaen and her husband, and ask for healing and strength.

Give Brenda, Gail and Bob your strength and courage.

I lift up Heather to you and pray you help her to hear your voice clearly so that she can follow you.

Heal Pammer from her aches and pains, and protect her family from spiritual warfare. Help her to keep a cheerful outlook and give her your strength and joy.

Help Squirl as she revises her manuscript. Give her wisdom on her writing career.

Bless Dineen’s new graphic design business and help her as she writes. Give her wisdom and grace.

I pray for justice for Robin and her family soon. Prepare her for RWA and continue to help her write her manuscript.

Give Ronie guidance and help in her writing and her personal life. I pray her husband can pass his test with flying colors.

Heal Ron’s back completely and help him with his writing.

Be with Sharon H. as she does her edits, and help her to continue to trust you with her writing career.

Give Kelli S. strength and love. Provide for her in every way, Lord.

Help Sarah S.’s sales to grow and I pray for your favor over her, Lord.

I pray for healing for Gina C.’s son.

I pray against the spiritual warfare at ChristianFictionQueen’s workplace, and I pray for healing for her aches, pains, and allergies. Please heal Roy and buoy Robbie up.

Please heal Cathy W.’s pain in her hand, and give her and her husband wisdom in raising their daughter.

Give Malia’s physical therapists and doctors wisdom in how to treat her. I pray for complete healing for her. Please also make everything work out with her insurance and at work.

Help all the SAYSFers hear back soon about their manuscript submissions.

I pray for healing for Pam H.’s nephew.

Be with Mary C.’s sister and daughter.

Please provide Missy with the perfect job for her.

Help Sandra write her books before deadline.

I pray against the spiritual warfare at Glynna’s workplace and ask you to watch over her.

I pray for physical healing and health for all the SAYSFers.

I pray for strength for Mary D. Give her entire team unity, love, and strength. Let your work and your will be done.

Help Brittanie to know your love and share it with others.

Give Lynette S. wisdom, peace, and rest.

Please heal Mir’s body, Lord, and help her to have good health. Please heal her tinnitic and allergies. Help her to finish her manuscript, to write for you alone.

Open doors for Gina H. and her manuscript. Keep your hand over her and her agent.

Protect Paula M. from spiritual warfare and continue to bless her and her family with your grace and peace. Help her to continue to lean on you.

Help Megan D. at work and in her writing.

Be with Donna F. in her writing, her editing, and her time with you. Lead and guide her in your perfect peace.

Lead Mair’s son Kenny out of his wilderness, and help Mair to trust him with you. Continue to use her for your glory.

I lift up Angie P. and Pattie and pray for your joy, grace, and strength on them both. I pray for healing for Pattie.

Help Dream to know what exactly you want from her, and give her the strength to do your will. Help her to finish her book and learn what she needs to learn.

Help Katie’s brother heal completely.

Help Angie A. hear back about her manuscript soon, and help her as she continues to write for you.

Help Ane to continue to write for you and encourage others.

Bless Soldierdeb’s daughter in Peru with Brio, and draw her closer to you.

Be with Winter and comfort her. Give her strength during this deployment and thank you for the opportunities you’ve given to her. I pray for unity and love among the FRG.

Please heal Sarahsermons completely from her health problems.

I lift up Synner’s dad to you and ask for complete healing. Give him and the family your grace and peace.

Please lead Judy G.’s book to the right publisher, and continue to help her to trust you in peace.

I pray you will continue to work in Sigrun and around her in her friendships and family. Provide for her and help her, speak to her.

Be with Audra S. in her friendships, her family, and her writing. Help Bob to open his eyes to your truth.

Thank you for LaShaunda’s new baby. Please protect this little one and cover LaShaunda with good health and grace. Prepare their household for the new baby and provide everything they need.

Please heal Gina W.’s puppy completely, and give her guidance and leading in her writing career.

Heal Mama Rose’s daughter completely. Help her to have good health and minimal discomfort during her round of chemo.

Help Connie S. to feel your love, strength, and grace.

I pray for a good move for Kristin B., for a quick sale of her house, and justice for her family. Please also keep her in good health during the move.

I pray for strength and grace to my friends married to non-believers.

I lift up your persecuted church, Lord. Give them strength and joy. Protect and save your people, Lord.

Please provide for me and my family, Lord, and help me to trust you in this. I pray you will be with me at RWA and help me to follow your will no matter what happens. Open my heart to your voice to follow you. Give me strength and grace in any situation. I pray for the people who will read my book, Lord, that you’ll be preparing their hearts even now. Use me for your honor and glory, Lord. Please give me wisdom and discernment in my Bible studies.

Thank you for your loving arms around all of us, Lord.


  1. Thanks for the prayers, girl. I appreciate them and YOU!

    Praying for you as well!

  2. It is such a precious thing to my soul to come and read your prayers for me and my family each week, Camy. You are such a giving person!! Thank you so much!