Saturday, July 22, 2006

ICRS, part 8

Captain’s Log, Supplemental

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ICRS, part 8 (continued from part 7):

Originally, Becky Germany from Barbour had said we could attend the Personality Party—a huge booksigning that Brandilyn Collins has talked about it great detail. MaryLu Tyndall had asked us to be with her for moral support, since she would be signing at the Barbour booth.

However, after Danica and I stood in this massive line, we were rejected at the door. Apparently, in the past two years, ICRS has changed their policy and only exhibition booth retailers can attend.

So, Danica and I headed to 16th Street Mall for dinner. We saw Sarah Anne Sumpolec having a romantic dinner at Hard Rock Café with her hubby. While chatting outside the restaurant, I saw Tony Hines.

I had made a joke to Tony at the Baker dinner on Sunday about each of us stalking the other throughout the convention, so I told Danica, “Oh, there’s Tony, my stalker.”

The following was related to me by Danica later, because I didn’t see this: A goth-looking pierced guy heard my comment about Tony and stalking and turned to look at me. It looked like his name was Tony, too. Doh!

Oblivious, I shouted, “Tony! Tony!” I shouted about three times because the sidewalk was crowded. Tony finally saw us and came over.

Pierced Tony apparently heard me call, then turned away. Then heard me call again, and turned back. When I called a third time and the other Tony came over, then he finally realized I really hadn’t called him a stalker and wasn’t calling him over.

I about died when Danica told me this later. My two Tonys—the stalker and pierced guy.

We met up with Marilyn Hilton and Jeannette Hanscome around the time the Personality Party was ending, and decided to try crashing it. The guards had left the doors! We snuck in like the felons we were.

Most of the booths were closed down. We caught a glimpse of Ted Dekker talking to some people at his closed booth, and squealed like groupies.

MaryLu, that sly charmer, was still signing books. Actually, her entire booth was still signing. MaryLu sat between Diann Mills and Tracey Bateman, with Wanda Brunstetter on the far side.

We snuck up on them and then started our groupie shrieking at MaryLu. Actually, Danica, Marilyn, and Jeannette were the ones closest to her and loudest while I was stuck behind them.

But then Steve Laube and the Glass Road girls Kathleen Y’Barbo and Jessica Dotta appeared from around the corner of the booth and started scolding me for making a ruckus. They picked on me and not the other loud screaming girls. So unfair. It’s not like I’m a loud Asian chick or anything.

Monday: Camy Gone Wild! (Last installment, I promise)


  1. Oh Camy you wild woman! Shrieking, stalkers, crashing parties. My, my. (Sounds like fun!)

  2. Tut, tut, Camy! The things you get into. Never a dull moment it seems when you're around! As Jennifer says, "Sounds like fun".

    I must admit that I've snuck into a couple of places that weren't actually allowed. But at least I try to remain "unheard and invisible", I think, at least. LOL

    Hmm, the title of the next instalment definitely sounds intriguing.

  3. Camy:

    I've really enjoyed the extended report from ICRS. Are you going to RWA? I'd love to hear about that one too, especially with your penchant for funny, oh-so-human incidents!

  4. Camy gone wild? Hang on, woman. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT, remove that blouse in public!!!!!


  5. Camy, thanks for sharing your experiences!!! I've completely laughed with you. :-)


  6. Camy, it was a distinct pleasure being your designated stalker for ICRS. I had to arm wrestle pierced Tony for that honor.

    -Non-pierced Tony

  7. "It’s not like I’m a loud Asian chick or anything."