Friday, June 02, 2006

Barclay Sterling contest

Captain's Log, Stardate 06.02.2006

The Barclay Sterling contest: Hey, I finaled in the Inspirational Romance category! And it’s totally legal! I even asked the coordinator, and she said that since I wasn’t contracted when I entered (technically, I’m still not contracted since my agent just finished okay-ing the contract with Z), then it’s fine for me to stay in the finals.

My chick-lit novel will be judged by Amanda Bostic at Westbow. My agent is super excited about it, because it adds more credits and glam to my name as an author—some of the intangible stuff that’s also important in this writing business.

My friend Tina Russo also finaled! She’s way nice and a brilliant writer. I hope something fabulous comes out of having Amanda judge her entry, although I know it’s a longshot. God can do anything, right?


Diet: I had a good workout yesterday with Denise Austin’s two morning exercise programs. I’m glad, too, because I pigged out a bit at our writer’s meeting last night. Hopefully today I’ll go running with the dog.