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Up to my eyeballs

Captain's Log, Stardate 02.22.2006

Just a short blog today (and posted massively late). I'm busy with Genesis stuff and some critiquing I need to get done for my Story Sensei critique service.

Book giveaway:
My Thursday book giveaway (WEB OF LIES) is here.
My Monday book giveaway (A FAMILY FOREVER) is here.
You can still enter both of them. Just post a comment on those blog posts.
On Thursday (tomorrow), I'll draw the winner for WEB OF LIES and post the title for another book I'm giving away. Stay tuned.

Bible in 90 Days: Day 44. Haven't read today yet. I'll get to it later. I'm about to head into Song of Songs. I have read this book several times and never gotten it. The imagery just flies right over my non-Hebrew-culture-educated head. I should probably get a commentary or something on it so that I can understand it, at least.

Writing: Went through my Maass workshop notes yesterday and did some "stretching" of my protagonist. I hope to get some work done tonight, too.

Diet: I did okay yesterday but not great. I snacked too much in the afternoon because I was starving--I have to stop eating too-small meals that make me feel hungry after only 3 hours. I did have some self-control for dinner--I had a huge salad and limited myself to one small plate of pasta, but I think I still ended up at 1800 calories. Sigh.

Lunch today was a healthy chicken vegetable soup (500) and a small slice of cheese (100). I also snacked on a little veggie chips (100). Dinner will be leftovers, so hopefully it won't be too much food. I'm usually better at portion control when it's leftovers.


  1. Hey lady!

    I hear ya about Song of Songs. Some think it's a picture of God's love for Israel, or Christ's love for the Church. However, being a single woman, I'm hesitant to believe either "picture," since I'm loathe to consider my Father's love or my Brother/Lord's love as ... well, you know. So I read this book and take it to mean just what it means. Solomon is in la-huv, baby! He's dottling over one of his many loves. It's a beautiful book of romantic poetry, but for a real picture of how God loves Israel, I'd wait for the book of Isaiah, or Jeremiah. God's anguish over the loss of His beloved people is heartbreaking. And as for how Christ loves the Church? Well, there's plenty of other "pictures" in the Bible that show that much more accurately than Solomon's Song of Songs.

    Just my wee contribution to your conundrum. (Is that how you spell that?) Oh, and I cracked up at the moose, meese, meeses thing. Have you ever found out how to say/spell the plural version of moose? (I think it's just moose. But I like meese much better.)

    : )

    love ya!

  2. Hi Camy! Just wanted to say hi! He he. Oh, you know being hungry in 3 to 4 hours is good. Means you didn' overeat. I keep hearing more smaller meals are better than big meals. I'm still trying to figure that one out. LOL!


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