Sunday, February 12, 2006

Sunday Prayer

Captain’s Log, Stardate 02.12.2006

Leave any prayer requests in the comments and I’ll be praying this week. You don’t have to be Christian to leave a prayer request. If you’d rather not advertise to everyone on the blogosphere, just leave an unspoken prayer request or email me.

If you don’t see yourself and you want to, email me or leave a comment. Not to be mean or anything, but if you don't email me or comment to update your prayer request, I'm only going to pray 3 Sundays.

Father God, you are holy and mighty and we are silent and still before you now.

Lord please comfort Runningfawn right now in her grief. I pray you will comfort her and provide for her and her family.

Father, I lift up Christina to you and thank you for all you're doing in her and through her while she's serving you in Japan. Please keep her, Joy, and the Uchimura's in good health. Help her to draw closer to you and feel your presence in her devotionals. Reveal to her more of who you are. Give her strength and courage as she passes out tracts and reaches out to people, and help her with Open Class. Please help that and her final reports to go smoothly. I pray you will provide Sagamihara with another English teacher. Please help her to do her best for you these last few weeks.

Thank you for Heather's new computer. Please help her to pay it off quickly. Please send her more business. Help her to write diligently for you, and give her strength to fight the spiritual warfare she's experiencing.

Lord, I lift Pammer into your hands. Cover her with your grace and help her to find your peace in the midst of everything. Give her strength to conquer her fear and to fight the spiritual warfare attacking her. Please also heal Greg from his rash, and I pray that Julie's lumps are benign.

Please be with Squirl's doctors and give them wisdom. I pray they can schedule a surgery date quickly for her. Please heal her hip and free her from pain.

Be with Dineen now as she finishes her manuscript. Help her to write for you, and trust in you to be with her.

Please open doors for Robin and guide her where you want her to go. Be with each of her proposals and manuscripts and take her to the right publishing house, where her writing can glorify you.

Father, please be with Ronie in the midst of this change. Help her to trust you and Lord, please be faithful to her and show her your glorious love and blessing and joy.

Give Ron your peace and everything he needs in the midst of his work, family, and writing.

Heal Mir from her body pains and aching. Ease her pain, Lord, and give her energy to get things done, including her writing. Thank you that her nephew is fine. And Lord, I pray for both Mir and myself, please help us to have self-control in our eating and exercise!

Cover Sharon H. with your grace and surround her with your presence as she writes and does edits.

Give Charise direction and guidance in her job search.

Help Lori's knee to heal quickly and smoothly. Give wisdom to her doctors and therapists.

Please continue to heal Amber. Lord, we lift her into your hands and praise you for your power.

Thank you for directing Gina to the agent you want for her. Please lead and guide her in her writing projects.

Help Crystal to persevere in her writing, and let her feel your presence and your affirmation.

Please be with Paula and help her to know your will for her. Help her to be able to prioritize, and to squeeze her writing in-between her family times.

Be with Megan at her new job. I pray you give her the strength to do it well, and that you will also bless her writing time.

Please heal Darlene's rash completely. Please also be with her friend Val and Val's daughter. I pray for healing for her daughter's illness and ease from her suffering. Please also help her daughter to regain her self-esteem in you, somehow, Lord.

Lord, please be with Donna during these next seven weeks as she writes her manuscript. Please help her to get it done, and to glorify you with it.

Please continue to help Gail heal quickly and smoothly. Be with her daughter Brenda during her chemotherapy, and please ease her discomfort.

Help Heather G. to find her identity and self-worth in you alone.

Please heal Malia's knee quickly and smoothly without surgery. Also please work out her insurance problems so that everything will be paid for.

Please be with Rachel H. as she does rewrites. Give her ideas and creativity. Most of all, keep your hand over her so that her novel will glorify you.

Lord, I lift up Gina's mother in law (Rob's mum). Thank you that her attitude is so joyful and upbeat. Father, please heal her. She's in your hands.

Be with Mok in her job and writing. I pray everything goes well for the March 1st crossover.

Please give Angie strength and ability as she processes tax returns. Help her to be efficient. Please also continue to help her remain smoke-free. Heal Pattie's body, Lord, and bolter her spirit. Surround her with your angels.

Be with LaShaunda as she sends her stuff out. Give her your affirmation for her writing.

I pray for a smooth, easy delivery for Audra. I pray you give her strength during these last days before the baby comes.

Continue to be with Margo's Bible study, and bless each of the women there.

Be with Lynette as she works on new projects, and help her as she writes so that she can glorify you.

I lift up Tiff to you and ask you to help her with her new job. Please also give her wisdom and guidance as she writes and submits.

Lord, please anoint Tina's manuscript so that it pleases you. Thank you for the request from that publishing house.

Please give Mary C. strength as she waits on that pub board decision. I pray they will publish her book, although we also desire your will, Lord.

Please cover Missy in all aspects of her life. Hold her and encourage her as only you can. Give her wisdom about what you want her to do. Provide for her family, Lord, and continue to guide her in her writing. Carry her, Lord.

Father, please be with Mariah, keep your hand over her. Lead her to a better place, and open her heart to you. Help her to see her salvation and rest is in you, Lord. Continue to draw her to Ruthy's church.

Please be with Dream as she prepares tax returns, and give her your peace in the midst of chaos. Bless her writing time, too, Lord.

Lord, please give peace to my friends married to non-believers this week.

Watch over your persecuted church. Give them strength, and help them to continue to trust in you. Rescue them and use them for your glory.

Thank you for helping me to recover from my surgery so smoothly. Please continue to heal me. Please give me the self-control and discipline I need to take care of my body and lose weight. I pray I'll hear back from that publishing house soon, Lord, and I bow to whatever your will is for me. I trust you, Father.

Holy is the Lord God Almighty. Amen.

Falafels: There's a Greek restaurant near church that sells the best falafels and gyros I've ever had. My husband and I go there for lunch often after service.

For one, I think it's a family owned place and the guys there are Greek. I hear them talking to each other in some foreign language that doesn't sound Arab/Middle Eastern and it's not Spanish, French or German.

For two, the pita bread is freshly made--soft and fresh-grilled.

For three, the falafel sandwich is stuffed with little falafel balls (ground garbanzo beans with spices, and deep-fried). Not one or two or even three. Usually four of five of those suckers crammed onto the pita.

For four, they use this yogurt sauce that's to die for. Slightly tangy, not overwhelming, it perfectly compliments the falafel balls and these little pickles they put in the sandwich. They top it off with lettuce and tomatoes.

All the different flavors and textures makes this sandwich pure heaven for me. Can you guess what I had for lunch today?

Bible in 90 Days: Day 35. Haven't done it yet today, but I'll get it read tonight.

Writing: Got some writing done last night and critting done today.

Diet: Falafel for lunch (700?) and 30 minutes on the exercise bike. Dinner is cheese fondue--and before you cry foul, I've already calculated the calories and it won't be more than 800 at worst, because we're using vegetables.


  1. Hey girl, thank you soooooooo much for your prayers. They mean so much to me.

    You'll have to tell me where this place is. I haven't had a decent Falafel since we moved back from Europe. LOL!

  2. Hey Cam, I think we need to go out to eat together sometime because we would love the same foods and have wonderful conversations to boot! We have a place that serves Folofils and I like them but your place sounds wonderful! Have a great day.

  3. I love reading the prayers's like we're all praying together...slamming open the doors of heaven!

  4. Thanks for the prayers. I'm due tomorrow so I should be announcing the new arrival of a wee bundle of joy soon. :)

    Now that I'm starving thanks to your yummy description, I'm off to snarf something probably no where near as yummy.