Saturday, February 25, 2006

Odds and ends

Captain's Log, Stardate 02.25.2006

Book giveaway:
My Monday book giveaway (A FAMILY FOREVER) is here.
My Thursday book giveaway (HOT FLASHES AND COLD CREAM) is here.
You can still enter both of them. Just post a comment on those blog posts.
On Monday, I'll draw the winner for A FAMILY FOREVER and post the title for another book I'm giving away. Stay tuned.

Bible in 90 Days: Day 47. Still in Isaiah. What struck me today was that God repeatedly mentions that he rescues and blesses His people Israel for the sake of His name. They are His, and He keeps His promises. It's His nature. So even if they completely turn away from Him, He doesn't turn away from them forever. I liked it because it reminded me of God's might, but also that He chooses to love me.

Writing: Got some done today, actually. Hope to get more done tonight. Tomorrow is my writing-rest day, so I'll get my critiques and Genesis stuff done tomorrow.

Diet: I wanted to check in because I've had a GREAT diet day. I went for a 60 minute walk, plus my calorie count ended at 1300!

I even had youth group tonight, and it's always hard for me to not eat snacks with the kids after meeting. Tonight, I brought my laptop and went into another room instead of hanging out with everyone in the kitchen. I had removed myself from temptation, so I didn't eat anything after 8 p.m.

I wasn't completely alone--several kids came and chatted (I can't get away from them! Aaaaahhhhhh!). It's amazing how much writing I can get done with Out of Eden blasting on the CD player, Sarah playing something complicated and a couple hundred years old at the piano, and Mitsuhara blabbing my ear off about something that I can't quite understand.

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  1. Good for you girl! Way to stay on top of things. :) I'm proud of you for the way your diet and exercise are coming together.

    And a 60 minute walk? Awesome! I'm guessing that means your knee is a lot better. So glad to hear it. God's good isn't He?

    Take care,