Monday, February 27, 2006

Interview with Margaret Daley and book giveaway!

Captain's Log, Stardate 02.27.2006

Margaret Daley has been an enthusiastic encourager to me since I started writing and posting on the Steeple Hill discussion boards. She's got a bazillion books under her belt and just keeps coming up with ideas and churning out novels despite working full-time as a teacher.

Interview with Margaret Daley:

CT: Who do you write for--moms, singles? What do you want to say to that demographic?

MD: I write for both but I do deal with the dynamics of a family in a lot of my stories.

CT: Where would you like to see your writing going, in terms of genre and scope, in the next several years?

MD: I want to continue to write both Love Inspired and Love Inspired Suspense books but I also would like to tackle a longer story with many layers.

CT: Do your kids influence your writing at all? How? How about hubby? How about your students?

MD: Yes, my family influences my writing. What I do influences my writing. I think it would be hard to take me completely out of what I write. I often write about teenagers because I teach them. Their issues end up in some of my books.

CT: What was the funnest part of writing WHEN DREAMS COME TRUE?

MD: Revisiting the characters in Sweetwater was the best part of writing When Dreams Come True. I have enjoyed these five women and their families.

CT: What's your favorite scene from WHEN DREAMS COME TRUE?

MD: That's a hard question. I really enjoyed the scenes with Mandy, but I think my favorite was when Dane caught the buglers (the romantic suspense writer in me is coming out there).

CT: I also can't wait for when your romantic suspense HEARTS ON THE LINE comes out in June this year. How did you come up with the Ladies of Sweetwater Lake series idea?

MD: That was several years ago and honestly I don't remember except the concept just sort of evolved from the first story--Gold in the Fire and the characters I had in that book. I wanted to tackle some hard issues and I needed a support group to help these women through them. That's how I came up with the Circle of Friends.

CT: How did you choose your characters' names? And what can I send you that will make you name your next heroine Camy?

MD: I like the name Camy. I may have to use that name some day. I think some names come to me real fast while others I have to play around with until I get the right one.

CT: Yayayayayayayayay! I might get my name in one of Margaret's books! Wootwoot! What's your next novel to be released?

MD: Hearts on the Line will come out in June 2006. It is part of the Faith at the Crossroads series for Love Inspired Suspense. I wrote the last book and had to wrap up everything.

Then after that my last book in the Ladies of Sweetwater Lake Series will be out in October 2006--Tidings of Joy. This is Tanya's story.

CT: Writers' characters are like their children. 'Fess up--which is your favorite character from the Ladies of Sweetwater Lake?

MD: I'm not sure I can pick a favorite one. I like each one for different reasons. I supposed if I had to it would be Jesse Blackburn from A Mother for Cindy.

CT: If you were a fast-food item, what would you be and why? (This week, Camy wants to be a drippy Bacon Cheeseburger.)

MD: A hot caramel sundae--mmm, good and full of calories.

CT: What books do you like to read and why? Any other Christian authors you'd recommend?

MD: I usually read mysteries, suspense, thrillers and adventure books the most. My favorite author is James Rollins--pure adventure and suspense.

CT: Confession time: what's your weirdest habit?

MD: The sad thing is I don't think I have one weird habit. I might be the wrong person to ask. You probably should ask my husband or son.

CT: Do you cook and why or why not? What's your most famous (or infamous) dish?

MD: I cook some of the time but usually my husband does. I'm writing in the evening when I come home from school. I have several dishes I make--shrimp gumbo, red beans and rice, a cabbage/beef soup.

CT: Any TV shows you love?

MD: I like Lost, Commander in Chief, Bones, Criminal Minds Crossing Jordan, Survivor, and Amazing Race.

CT: What magazines are on your coffeetable right now? Any strange ones? And will you confess if they're yours and not your husband's?

MD: I don't get many magazines. I get the RWR which is Romance Writers of America's magazine.

My husband gets Archaeology.

CT: You like to travel right? What's been your favorite vacations? Where are you heading for your next one?

MD: I love to travel. I hope to go to Hawaii this summer. I have a hard time picking a favorite place--I've loved a lot of places--Athens, Austria, England, Scotland, and Tahiti.

Camy here: Tomorrow--part two of the interview!

Bible in 90 Days: I'm behind. I'll pick up again tomorrow.

Writing: comment. [ducking and running away from Robin's whip. Good thing she's as snowed over by Genesis stuff as I am right now.]

Diet: I didn't count calories today. I feel guilty, but I'll get back on track tomorrow.


  1. As I already told Margaret, I have read all the Silhouette books she wrote under the name Margaret Ripy. I had remembered that there was a Margaret Daley mentioned as the real name for some author and looked it up in my database. I really enjoyed those books.

    I'm glad to rediscover her now as a Christian writer and will certainly try to find some of her books.

    And, yes, please, I'd like to win her book.

  2. I'm looking forward to the Part II, Camy. Thanks for the interview!

  3. Great interview!

    I love Margaret Daley's books and would love to enter to win this book!

    -Jennifer Yates

  4. I remember meeting Margaret at RWA Reno, and she was as fun and interesting in person as in this interview. Please enter me in he drawing. Thanks, Camy and Margaret!

  5. Oh, I want to travel to all the places Margaret has been to. Great interview! Margaret's a terrific writer.

    Please enter me in the drawing.

  6. Hi Camy Ilove Margaret Daley's books.Enter me in the contest. Thanks for running the contest.