Friday, February 17, 2006

Dog toy slaughter

Captain's Log, Stardate 02.17.2006

Book giveaway:
My Monday giveaway of Randy Ingermanson's FICTION 101 CD is here.
My Thursday book giveaway (WEB OF LIES) is here.
You can still enter both of them. Just post a comment on those blog posts.
On Monday, I'll draw the winner for FICTION 101 and post the title for another book I'm giving away. Stay tuned.

My dog's toys: What is it with my dog and her unceasing ability to demolish her toys? We got these cute little stuffed animals from Rachel for Christmas, and I thought they'd be good toys for our dog--Snickers likes her toys soft and small enough for her to comfortably carry around in her mouth.

Yesterday, I gave her one of the stuffed animals, an orange and purple moose with a lime-green ski hat and matching scarf securely sewn onto the doll (Dogs are color-blind, so I figured she wasn't going to care, right?).

What does Snickers do? She eats off moose's black plastic eyes and pulls out about a half-cup of synthetic stuffing, flipping the stuff all over the hallway carpet. And then abandons poor moose in my office where his sightless eyes mournfully accuse me of homicide.

Mika will probably also screech with horror since she loves mooses. Meeses. Meese?

Bible in 90 Days: Day 40. I finished Psalms. There was one phrase to describe God that the psalmists used again and again--unfailing love. I like that. God can do whatever He chooses to, and He chooses to show us unfailing love.

Writing: Got some done this morning, will get some done tonight after I finish this Genesis stuff. Tomorrow is the Maass workshop.

Diet: I had a somewhat dismaying revelation last night. I've always heard you shouldn't eat after like 7:30 pm or 8 pm because it can be detrimental to weight loss.

I usually drink hot tea at night, with a little soymilk in place of milk. It didn't occur to me until last night that the soymilk--possibly even the tea itself--might be what's making my body keep gaining instead of losing weight.

So from now on, nothing at night except water. Sigh. I'll miss my tea, even without the soymilk.


  1. Can't you do tea with lemon?
    I'm trying to lose weight too. Ugggh. Somehow I managed to stress eat 10lbs onto my body.

    It's hard but I'm with you. I'll be seeing you, God willing at the next conference and checking out your progress. I say that 'cause that type of motivation works for me.

    You're doing great though by reading what you've posted so far.

  2. Keep it up, Camy. :) I know what you mean, though, about little things slipping into the diet and adding up... (sigh)

    Oooh, a Maass workshop. Take good notes. :)