Sunday, January 22, 2006

Sunday Prayer

Captain's Log, Stardate 01.22.2006

Leave any prayer requests in the comments and I’ll be praying this week. You don’t have to be Christian to leave a prayer request. If you’d rather not advertise to everyone on the blogosphere, just leave an unspoken prayer request or email me.

I’m getting paranoid I’m forgetting somebody. If you don’t see yourself and you want to, email me or leave a comment. I never promised I had a better memory than a goldfish. “Oh! I have a castle!”

Not to be mean or anything, but if you don't email me or comment to update your prayer request, I'm only going to pray 3 Sundays. I've got a couple fly-by prayer requests and a growing list.

Father, thank you for being God, for being holy and forgiving at the same time.

Thank you for working powerfully at Wintervision youth retreat last weekend. Be with each of the kids and help them to learn and grown from what you showed them. Help them to stand strong in the face of spiritual warfare and deepen their relationships with you.

Father, please help Sharon to get her manuscript done on time. Protect her from distractions and help her to work efficiently, diligently and joyfully.

Please give Charise clarity and direction for a new job. Please help her to know your will.

Thank you for Amber's miraculous recovery so far, Lord. Please continue to heal her.

Please heal Squirl from her hip pain. Give wisdom to the doctors and cover her with your mighty power.

Help Pammer to fight the spiritual warfare deceiving her into thinking her writing will not serve you. Give her your affirmation and direction for her writing. Help her to break through and move forward.

Lord, please heal Heather from this lingering fever and illness. Give her wisdom about what she should do, and touch her with your power. Please also give her strength to fight the spiritual warfare making her feel directionless. Help her to listen for, know, and believe your truth.

Be with Dineen and give her guidance for her writing in all areas. Shadow her as she writes MR and help her tell the story you want her to tell.

Cover Robin with your peace and help her to know your will for her. Motivate her to keep pushing and guide her as she goes through her rewrites so that her work is all for you.

I pray Ronie's husband passes all his tests. Please give her strength for everything she needs to do, and guidance for her story. Open doors for her, Lord.

Help Ron to survive his hormonal crit partners. ;)

Give Gina the right agent and be walking with her as she writes.

I lift up Crystal to you and ask you to give her the affirmation she needs from you. Guide her in her writing.

I pray for a whole lotta healing for Mir--touch her body, Lord, and give wisdom to her doctors. Help her to persevere in her writing. Let her be your light to her family.

Continue to touch Paula with your daily grace and wisdom.

Please give Megan wisdom about her job. Help her to know which is the best decision for her. Continue to help her to write for you.

I pray you give wisdom to the doctors and that you will carry Lori through possible surgery.

Be with Donna as she writes and help her to rest in you.

Please continue to help Gail heal smoothly from surgery, and help Brenda through chemotherapy.

Be with Heather G. at school and help her to find a closer relationship with you through some new friends.

Thank you for helping Malia with her class schedule. Please heal her body and help her to keep up with her studies.

Give Yim wisdom and guidance in her writing, career, and life direction.

Continue to be with Angie P. and help her to be at peace despite the busy season coming up and everything happening. Be with Pattie, Lord--I pray you will heal her from her cancer.

Be with Audra these last weeks before her new baby. Help her get everything ready and I pray everything goes smoothly.

Continue to be with Margo and her Bible study. Help her to hear your voice. I pray your spirit moves through the women in her study softly, gently and powerfully.

Please be with Kelly and give wisdom her doctors as they discuss medications.

Give Lynette inspiration, motivation and creativity as she races toward her deadline.

I pray you will help Tiff transition smoothly into her new job. Thank you for all the writing opps you've given her lately, and give her wisdom about what to do.

Father, be with all my friends married to non-believers. Give them grace and peace and love this week.

Be with the persecuted church. Encourage and comfort. Reveal your mighty hand.

Thank you that my ACL wasn't torn. Please continue to help me to heal. Please help me finish this proposal on time, and help me to write for you alone.

All the people praise you, Lord. Amen.

Bible in 90 Days: day 14. Joshua has just died. Heading into Judges.

Writing: Working on my Swain articles today. I got a bunch of plot points done yesterday and I'll work on a spreadsheet outline tomorrow. I might do some market research today. I also need to work on my new website template.

Diet: Chicken chow fun for lunch (600) which is actually within the Blood Type Diet parameters, but it wasn't as good as my husband's Hong Kong style noodles. :( Tonight is leftovers. Maybe I'll get some time in on the bike later, too.


  1. Ron's hormonal crit partners??? ROTFL!!!

    Thanks for the prayers, Camy! You're such a gem!

  2. Thanks, Camy! I need it today, too. I'm having a bit of dermatitis, and my face looks like someone threw bits of strawberry on it. Ack.

    I also prayed for Squirly's hip today. I hope she gives us word of a healing. That would be cool.


  3. Cami, that is so nice. Val from is on my heart. She wants prayer for her teenage daughter who is struggling with an illness that is affecting her body and self esteem. Thanks for your kind heart.

  4. Thanks Sweetie. Just an update on Jules. She goes tomorrow to consult with the surgeon for the removal of the lumps. AND she also may have to have surgery on her shoulder from where she fell at work. AND she has the flu. This poor girl really needs your prayers.

    Hugs! Love ya!

  5. Please pray that I can meet my writing deadlines this week and still be a good Mom! LOL

  6. Thanks for the prayers, they're certainly appreciated!

    I'd like to ask prayers for my daughter, Emily...that she be covered in peace.

  7. Camy, thank you so much for that prayer. It's exaclty what I need right now. You're such a blessing to me. Loeve ya, girl!

  8. Thank you, Camy. Last week we had...One! With me, that makes...two! Exactly the number Jesus requires for Him to show up! And He did. We had fun. This is a new woman's organization in a large planned development of hundreds of homes. Bible study as one of the activity groups. Many already go to church. And many are not interested, and many don't know me from Adam's housecat, yet. I'd just love to have a circle of Christian friends in the 'hood praying for each other, and for others as well. We'll see if the Lord blesses it, and if it's the right time. Thank you for your prayers.

  9. Thanks for praying for Amber, Camy! She continues to improve daily, in fact, the chaplains at the hospital have documented her condition and how she's imroved in direct opposition the doctor's reports as a sign to other people that God works miracles.

    One of the nurses in the hospital mentioned Amber's improvement to the original neurosurgeon (who said she had a 0% chance of recovery) and reported to the family that he was completely dumbstruck by her report.

    Praise God for His healing!

  10. Hi, Camy!
    I'd love to enter the drawing for the book!
    I'm trying to build up my collection of CBA "lit" books.
    Hugs, Sharon