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Sunday Prayer

Captain’s Log, Stardate 01.15.2006

Leave any prayer requests in the comments and I’ll be praying this week. You don’t have to be Christian to leave a prayer request. If you’d rather not advertise to everyone on the blogosphere, just leave an unspoken prayer request or email me.

I’m getting paranoid I’m forgetting somebody. If you don’t see yourself and you want to, email me or leave a comment. I never promised I had a better memory than a goldfish. “Oh! I have a castle!”

Not to be mean or anything, but if you don't email me or comment to update your prayer request, I'm only going to pray 3 Sundays. I've got a couple fly-by prayer requests and a growing list.

Father, thank you for your grace on us, and your sovereign will. We trust you in all things.

I lift up Wintervision retreat to you. Lay your hand over all the kids, the cabin leaders, the staff. Rain down your power and your glory and your grace. Change lives and reveal yourself powerfully to everyone there.

Please give wisdom and skill to Squirl's doctors so that they can treat her hip. I pray for healing for her so she doesn't have to live in pain.

Give Pammer your affirmation for her writing, Lord. Help her to seek your will alone, and lead and guide her in her writing. Help her to resist the spiritual warfare making her feel insecure. Help her ground herself in you.

I pray Julie's lumps are benign, and that you will not only heal her completely, but that you will heal her wounded spirit, too.

Give Heather strength to do what she needs to do for you. I pray you blessed her at the retreat this weekend and gave her direction for her writing.

Give Dineen guidance in her writing for 2006. Lead her and encourage her.

Be with Robin as she waits for replies to proposals. Give her the right agent soon. Continue to protect Emily.

Lord, please guide and direct Ronie in her writing. She only desires your will Lord—please reveal it to her. Help her to know what you want her to write and where to submit, so that she can be used for your glory alone.

Lead and guide Ron in his writing. Help him to write for you.

Be with Gina as she waits, and give her the assurance that you will provide her with the agent you want for her.

Encourage Crystal in her writing and give her comfort and direction.

Thank you that Mir had a great ACT ONE workshop. Lord, I pray for healing for Mir--her carpal tunnel and everything else. Please ease her pain and touch her body with your power. Give wisdom to her doctors. Please continue to motivate her and give her strength for her diet and exercise (me too, Lord). Also give her discipline and inspiration on her writing this next week. And lastly, I pray for her family's salvation.

Help Paula continue to keep her eyes on you as she juggles her writing and family. Give her affirmation in her priorities.

Please give Megan guidance and direction about this new part-time job she’s been offered. Help her to know your will for her so that she can follow you alone.

Please give Lori and her doctors wisdom about her ACL after they look at her MRI.

Help Donna continue to dedicate book #4 to you.

Please continue to help Gail heal quickly from her surgery. I pray for healing for Brenda and that you will ease her discomfort from the chemotherapy.

Help Heather G. to both find good friends at school and find a closer walk with you.

Give Malia and her doctors wisdom as they look at her knee. Please also give her guidance about her schoolwork, patience with her teachers, and direction as she figures out what you want her to do.

Be with Yim in her writing, her job, and her career direction.

Lord, please heal Amber from her injuries. Give wisdom to the doctors and strength to her body.

Be with Glynna as she waits on her query to JKG. Assure her of your love for her and your plans for her writing. Give her guidance and encouragement.

Be with Tina F. and help her to prioritize her writing/editing, her family, and her work. Give her your peace and guidance.

Provide a job or income to Becky, so that she can continue to care for her children and attend school. Give her wisdom and guidance. Help her to look to you and to trust in whatever direction you take her.

Be with Angie P. and continue to help her and guide her. Heal any hurts, lift her spirits. I also pray for healing for Pattie. Give her your strength and power.

Please heal Margaret's husband. I pray he responds well to the new medication.

Please provide Audra with a good accountability partner, and help her through these last weeks of her pregnancy.

Lord, please be with Margo as she starts up a new Bible study. Please give her guidance and descend your spirit upon everyone in the group. Grow them into women who will know you, love you, and serve you.

Lord, I lift up Kelly to you and ask for your hand over her right now.

Thank you for helping LaShaunda reach her goal on her writing retreat!

Father, thank you so much for fixing Lynette's Alphasmart! Please help her as she races toward her deadline.

Please be with Tiff as she starts her new job. Thank you for providing for her!

Lord, I lift up all my friends who are married to non-believers. Give them love and perseverance and grace. Encourage and bless them as only you can.

Lord, I pray my ACL isn't torn. If it is, give me peace about what has happened and wisdom about what to do next.

Cover your persecuted church with your wings, and give them strength to continue to persevere. Shower them with your power and might.

All your people worship you. Amen.

Bible in 90 Days: day 7. I'm in the dreaded Leviticus. It's actually not bad because I'm reading it so fast and flying through. If I were reading fewer chapters a day, I think it would be harder to keep moving through it. My Life Application notes say to think of Leviticus as God's instructions in worship, which is an interesting attitude to take as I read it.

Writing: This is my day of rest from my manuscript, but I'm hoping to get another Swain article done today. I'll also be interviewing TRACEY BATEMAN on my blog in a week or so--I'll have to figure out some great questions for her.

Diet: Didn't do great yesterday, but I was still in comfort food mode. I had four cookies for dessert. :)

Today, I had a Greek steak sandwich--really great. Tonight...maybe some vegetable soup.


  1. Knee is feeling better today, actually! Not as swollen as yesterday, but I'm still dreading my PT appointment tomorrow.


  2. Thanks, Camy...your prayers always uplift me. I'm whispering prayers for your knee NOT to be torn. Let us know how that goes!

  3. Thank you so much for your prayers Camy!!! You wouldn't believe how much I was blessed this weekend!!! It was soooooooo awesome!!!

    playing catch up on your blog... LOL


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