Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Story Board

Captain’s Log, supplemental

Okay, okay, check this out. My friends Dineen, Robin, Ron and Ronie started a blog called Story Board:

We'll write a story, as a group, a "Round Robin" type of thing. It might get silly (I certainly hope so), but will retain some structure and we'll attempt to follow the "rules" of good writing.

Right now they’re building characters based on 45 MASTER CHARACTERS by Victoria Lynn Schmidt.


  1. Should be interesting, I'll say that much! LOL

  2. Just posted my character profile today. This is gonna be a blast! Thanks for the plug, Camy!

  3. These are, without a doubt, the most ingenious writers I've ever known. I encourage all to visit Story Board. Gripping! A Roller Coaster Ride! Seductive! Way Silly!

  4. Silly? I think not! I deal only in murder and mayhem, NOT silly! LOLOLOLOLOL