Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Captain’s Log, Stardate 01.25.2006

I just saw the movie Serenity today with Dineen. WOW the writing is terrific. CGI is good. I think I appreciated the nuances in the movie much better because I’d seen the TV show Firefly.

The dialogue was fantastic. Funny without spoiling the mood. Phenomenal subtexting. It’s so neat to hear the unusual dialect Joss Whedon made up for his universe.

Characterization for Firefly was diverse. I personally think the conflict between characters is greater in the new Battlestar Galactica series, but Firefly had a good push-pull. The new villain in Serenity is very three-dimensional and rather unique. The writing and the casting made the character larger than life.

I also liked how Joss Whedon showed backstory, especially since the series had already set up so much characterization. Whenever backstory showed up onscreen, it was always in response to someone needing to know the information, or to a strong emotional reaction to past information come up to haunt the present. Masterfully done.

Bible in 90 Days: day 17. I’m in 1st Samuel now. It’s amazing how God allows the Israelites to have a king when they are, essentially, dissing Him. I am comprehending better how He is so much larger and unfathomable than I could ever conceive of, and I have to just trust His Spirit to lead and guide me in His ways.

Writing: I finished my synopsis last night and sent it out to a bunch of writing friends to critique. I’m worried about my character motivations. I really need them to be rock solid and it’s hard to wrap my head around it.

Diet: Had tuna sandwich for lunch (400) and then cookies while watching the movie (400?). Blech, my stomach is rebelling against the excess of sugar. Leftovers for dinner tonight. I’m still really sore from Monday’s PT session. I’m glad I canceled my session today since I had to stay up late last night to finish my proposal.


  1. Oh, that was fun today! Sitting there seeing Camy react to the movie was so cool. LOL! And poor Snickers didn't get a cookie!

    I agree with you on the character conflict on Battlestar. Good stuff!

  2. Oooh! I put Serenity on our Netflix list. :) I'm looking forward to it. That and Battlestar tonight (after I edit a few chapters). :)