Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Captain’s Log, Stardate 01.10.2006

Last night, my San Jose writers group met and we had a special treat—raclette dinner. Raclette is this odiferous cheese that tastes amazingly mild and creamy. Those to know me can see where this is going—I love cheese in any and every form.

Dineen brought her French raclette stove, which includes individual raclette trays for each person. The top portion is for grilling bacon, pickles, onions, tomatoes. We put a slice of cheese in our tray and set it under the grill to melt (and sometimes brown) before pouring it over potatoes and whatever we grilled. Topped with paprika—what’s not to like???

Back to my diet today, though. :(

I started the Bible in 90 Days yesterday, informally. I felt prompted to do it, then discovered Mir decided to do it the same day, so I figured I’d join her. I got a new NTL Life Application study Bible a few weeks ago, so I just divided the number of pages by 90. I might take me longer than 90 days, but that’s okay. Let’s see if I can do this. I think I’ll be blessed by FINALLY going through the entire Bible—specifically, the Old Testament.

Harlequin Reader Service:
I absolutely LOVE their customer service. I called their 800 number today to change my credit card number, and I got a REAL LIVE PERSON when they picked up, no automated answering system to wade through. The rep was very friendly and patient even when I realized I didn’t have my account number. I can’t believe how great that is to speak to a real person right off the bat.

Writing: I’m a little behind in Margie Lawson’s Defeating Self-Defeating Behaviors class, but it helped me get some WIP research done this morning, giving me lots of ideas. Hopefully I’ll get more done later today.



    Enough whining. If we have one more thing in common I'm gonna really think you're my twin. (I'm a cheese enthusiast, I eat cheese sometimes at every meal and snack. I'd rather have cheese than steak or chicken.)

    But, I'm on that health challenge, and no high-fat splurges for a while.

    Sniff. Why couldn't I have been born with Heather Locklear's metabolism.


  2. Can I come for dinner?

    I thought you might like this link:
    I ran across it the other day and thought it was interesting.

  3. Now I'm hungry! I want some. Why wasn't I invited? You guys know the rule....no fun without Robin. Sheesh!

  4. Yeah! What Robin said!!!! I wanna come over!!!

  5. read the Bible in 90 days?!?
    I have one that is supposed to take one year. Uh, I'm on June right now and started it last January. If I can't keep up in one year, well...

    But, it's worth it. You know, reading the Bible out of order I missed some stuff. I was quite surprised to find out about the talking donkey.