Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Captain's Log, Stardate 01.18.2006

I saw Narnia tonight with fellow San Jose author Shelley Bates. (Yeah, the RITA award-winning Shelley Bates! Hehe, I love saying that.)

The movie was great! I admit, I cried at parts. I thought the acting, writing, and CGI were all well done. I'm looking forward to the other movies from the book series.

And I didn't have to leave in the middle to go to the bathroom! That's a first!

Bible in 90 days: day 10. Still in Numbers. Moses is about to die, poor guy.

Writing: Still working to get a synopsis done. Shelley and I brainstormed a bit tonight. I need to develop my heroine's spiritual arc more. I can't quite get to know her. She's slippery. Like trying to stuff an octopus in a girdle. (That one's for you, D!)

Diet: I worked myself really hard at PT today in anticipation of my dietary cheating. Ramen with lots of veggies for lunch (600 calories). Maggiano's restaurant with Shelley for dinner, but we split a salad (300?) and I only ate part of my gnocchi with tomato vodka sauce (yum! 500?). We also split a crème brulee (two billion calories).


  1. Like trying to stuff an octopus in a girdle.

    Ok, you really need to put a warning before you write something like that. I spit my coffee onto my computer!

  2. LOL! Love that octopus, girl! Let's so not go there...