Monday, January 30, 2006

Solomon ended badly

Captain’s Log, Stardate 01.30.2006

Bible in 90 Days: day 22. It’s sad to see how Solomon was led astray in the latter years of his reign. At the same time, it’s amazing how David’s obedience influenced God’s judgment on his ancestors. He was so gracious even when David’s son and grandson sinned so badly.

I’m also struck by how the kings’ disobedience happened over years of time. I’ve only been truly serving God since college. For Israel, it was often an entire generation who sinned or repented. That’s a lot of years compared to my few years of being a Christian.

Writing: Finished my chapter last night! I’ll be taking my rest day today since I wrote yesterday. Thanks to Robin for doing a crit this morning so fast!

I used my “new to me” Alphasmart 3000. I blazed through the chapter even though I had changed the scene entirely and started from scratch. I figured out why—by only showing four rather short lines and not having a mouse, the Alphasmart is not conducive to editing, and I am too impatient to deal with the arrow keys. I just left misspelled words, bad phrasing, etc. and kept writing.

It forced my left side brain to shut down and my right side took over. The wackiest things started coming out of my hands. I couldn’t believe it. I hadn’t felt like that since writing the rat scene in my previous chick-lit novella. Wonderful!

My anal side wouldn’t let me keep going once the chapter finished—I had to edit all the little things I remembered I needed to fix. However, I haven’t written that fast in a long time. I have discovered a new secret weapon for writing my first drafts.

Diet: Yesterday, despite eating Greek food for lunch, I ended up at around 1600 calories—a small bowl of clam chowder (400?), one piece of bread (150), and 2/3 of a piece of burnt almond cake (300).

Today, I had a really tough PT session—I pushed myself extra hard on the machines and upped the weight on a few of them. I had leftover chicken chow fun (400) for lunch—Blood Type Diet-friendly meal.