Friday, January 20, 2006

The 2006 ACFW Genesis contest

Captain's Log, Stardate 01.20.2006

Well, if you didn't already know, I am the 2006 ACFW Genesis contest coordinator. The Genesis is the new name for the contest previously known as the Noble Theme.

This will be a fabulous contest this year! The rules and entry form are on the ACFW website.

Some highlights about the new Genesis contest:

The top five scoring entries will go to Warner Faith pub board. That means skipping the editorial screening process and all the hoops and heading straight to pub board.
The top overall scoring entry receives a cash prize of $500.
Category winners will receive $50 off their 2007 ACFW Conference registration
fee, and 1st choice for editor/agent appointments at the 2007 ACFW Conference.

The contest is open to ACFW members only, but any entrant can apply for ACFW membership with their entry form.

We have added two categories this year, Young Adult and Multicultural (under General Fiction). Either category will be judged under General Fiction if there are less than 15 entries per category.

Deadline is postmark by February 14th.

There will be FIVE finalists in each category whose entries continue to the second round of judging.

All category finalists will be asked to send their manuscript proposal to their category coordinators by May 30th, 2006. Proposals will NOT be judged. ACFW will send the top five overall winners' proposals to Warner Faith. All category finalists are encouraged to complete their manuscripts in the event Warner Faith requests a full manuscript be submitted to them.

Because the prizes include 5 entries to Warner Faith pub board, all entries cannot be under consideration by any publisher. Other contests are okay.

If you have questions, feel free to email me at

A copy of the rules follows.



American Christian Fiction Writers presents the 2006 Genesis contest


Eligibility – The 2006 ACFW Genesis contest is open to ACFW members unpublished in fiction in the last seven years (no published print or electronic works of 20,000 words or more). Authors of library bound fiction dissertations are eligible. Contracted authors are not eligible. Self-published authors *are* eligible, however they may not enter a manuscript previously in print. Previous Noble Theme category *winning* entries are not eligible. Manuscripts under consideration by a publishing house are not eligible. This only applies to full manuscripts requested and submitted, not proposals. Genesis entries may be submitted to other contests.

Fees – $35 for current ACFW members. Joining members, add membership fee and application or join online. Make checks or money orders payable to American Christian Fiction Writers.

Guidelines – One entry per person. Entries in multiple categories ARE NOT permitted. Up to 100 entries per category will be accepted. Previous Noble Theme entries (except for category winning entries) are eligible. Prologues are acceptable. Entries must be postmarked by February 14, 2006.

Prizes – Highest scoring entry overall, GRAND PRIZE WINNER, receives $500. Top five (5) scoring entries overall, TOP FIVE FINALISTS, go to the Warner Faith editorial board for consideration. CATEGORY WINNERS, first place entries in each category, receive $50 off their 2007 ACFW National Conference registration fee and 1st choice for editor/agent appointments at the 2007 ACFW National Conference. CATEGORY WINNERS, TOP FIVE FINALISTS, and the GRAND PRIZE WINNER will be announced at the ACFW 2006 Conference.

Categories – Contemporary Romance (includes romantic comedy), Historical Romance, Romantic Suspense, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, General Historical (not romance), Young Adult, and General Fiction (includes Literary, Women’s Fiction, Suspense/Thriller/Mystery, Chick/Mom/Lad Lit, and Multicultural). Any General Fiction subcategory with at least 15 or more entries becomes a stand-alone category. Categories with less than 15 entries will be judged in General Fiction. One entry per author.

Judging – During the First round, three judges (published authors or experienced writers) will score each entry. The lowest score will be dropped and the remaining two scores averaged. The top five entries in each category, CATEGORY FINALISTS, will continue to the Second round. In the event of a tie for fifth place, both entries will advance to the Second round. Barring unforeseen circumstances, CATEGORY FINALISTS will be notified on or before April 30, 2006.

During the Second round, two judges (published authors or literary agents) will score each entry. Second Round scores determine the CATEGORY WINNERS, TOP FIVE FINALISTS and GRAND PRIZE WINNER. Scoresheets and manuscripts will be returned to each contestant in the self addressed and stamped envelope provided. If any TOP FIVE FINALIST entries are under contract or consideration by a publisher, or if a contestant must withdraw for any reason, the next highest scoring entry will take its place. The CATEGORY WINNERS, TOP FIVE FINALISTS, and GRAND PRIZE WINNER will be announced at the 2006 ACFW National Conference. See “Prizes” for the awards designated for CATEGORY WINNERS, TOP FIVE FINALISTS and the GRAND PRIZE WINNER.

All CATEGORY FINALISTS (top 5 entries in each category) will be asked to email a basic proposal (cover letter to Warner Faith, two-page single-spaced synopsis, and the first three chapters of the manuscript in standard manuscript format) to their category coordinator by May 30, 2006. Proposals will not be judged, but ACFW will mail the TOP FIVE FINALISTS’ proposals to Warner Faith. CATEGORY FINALISTS will also be asked (but not required) to email a digital headshot photo for the awards ceremony at the 2006 ACFW Conference. Contestants are encouraged to complete contest manuscripts in case they are requested by the publisher.

Submission Instructions

1. Use 12 point Courier or Courier New font, double-spaced, with one inch margins.
2. Send five (5) copies of the first 25 pages of your manuscript, even if this is more than your first chapter. Start the first page of each chapter halfway down the page. Three copies will be for first round judging, two copies will be for second round judging.
3. Separate each copy of the manuscript with large paper clips or binder clips, but no staples or rubber bands.
4. Include only ONE title page with name, address, phone number, the title and category.
5. Include a header on each manuscript with the title and page numbers. NO entrant’s name or pseudonym should be in the header.
6. Sign entry form and include contest fee. If joining ACFW via mail, include application and membership fee as well.
7. Include a self-addressed, stamped envelope (postage stamps, not metered strips in the USA, and IRC's for those outside the USA) for return of your five copies and their accompanying scoresheets. A USPS Flat Rate Envelope ($4.05 postage) works best.
8. Do NOT send a synopsis (CATEGORY FINALISTS will need one after the first round, but it is not needed at this time).
9. Do NOT place your name or pseudonym anywhere on the manuscripts.
10. Do NOT send cash.

Entries not fulfilling the above specifications will be disqualified.


Bible in 90 Days: day 12. I can't believe I'm still doing this. But today and yesterday I felt the pull of laziness. Good thing I'm posting my progress on my blog--it's been forcing me to be faithful or else confess to all blogdom that I'm a slacker.

Moses is still not dead, he's still reiterating God's commands to the Israelites. After feeling the temptation of laziness today, and knowing how I've completely blown off my quiet times on other days, I can understand how Israel would fall behind on their obedience to God, despite all the miracles He did for them.

Writing: I got a lot done on my character last night, thanks to 45 MASTER CHARACTERS. It's a good starting point for me, and then I think about how I can take the archetype and twist it into something unique. The book is also good at suggesting personality traits that challenge me to make my character larger-than-life.

Now I think I'm ready to tackle things like setting and plot points. I'm going to use Randy's Snowflake method in combination with what I've been reading from FIRST DRAFT IN 30 DAYS by Karen Wiesner. It's been a pretty good book so far.

Diet: Did 15 minutes on the bike this morning before I died. My butt also hurt like someone had been doing a pogo-stick on my rear end. Had fish sticks for lunch (400 calories) and been snacking on carrots (can I count them as negative calories since they're healthy?) and a little bowl of potato chips (300). Been drinking tea with soymilk and no sugar--right now I'm sipping this lovely peach flavored black tea imported from Japan, and it's heavenly. Hopefully I can restrain my appetite for the rest of the night.


  1. I'm thinking about entering Camy... but I wouldn't count on it. At this point God will have to smack me to get me to do it.

  2. Well Camy, read Schmidt's STORY STRUCTURE ARCHITECT has a lot in there about characters, twisting, and yeah, getting over the mental block of plotting. I should know--I detest plotting! LOL

    Hey Heather, consider yourself smacked...nope, I don't have a God-complex, but I'm happy to be His deliverer! :)

  3. I am thinking about entering too, but at this point, I'm still praying about it.

    Camy, you are doing great on the diet, the exercise and the Bible readings. Soooo proud of you.

    Um, could you send me some of that tea? I LOVE tea and that sounds great. (Especially since I gave most of my voice up at the Monster Truck Jam for Grave Digger and Maximum Destruction, lol.)